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Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 seeds (Sakata seeds Brand)


This is a primary season standard Okra with extremely wide flexibility. Organic product are uniform, appealing green and have a decent time span of usability. Natural product taste great and is nearly spine free working on the simplicity of picking. Plants major areas of strength for are incredible however simple to gather. This assortment is broadly adjusted. Appropriate for both new and send out market.

Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 seeds Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 seeds (...


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Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 seeds is connected with the cotton family and in a nursery it helps a plant to remember a sweet pepper or a paprika, yet it is more open with more and better branches and could grow two meter in addition to tall.

The OKRA natural product is a case, it looks like a hot pepper yet isn’t round yet square and tightened from around 2,5cm. to a point and is most significant when around 8 cm. long.

Environment and SOIL

Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 seeds requires a comparative environment concerning paprika with ideal temperatures between least 20 and most extreme 30 degrees C. Okra inclines toward a light soil with a Ph. of around 6. Reduced soil limits plantgrowth of the OKRA.OF THE .


General treatment for Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 seeds is with a compound of 10-2-10 and the amounts should be chosen after a dirt test. A lot of nitrogen will bring about too rich development, vulnerable frail plants and hardly any natural products.

Soil examination ought to be rehashed routinely to change the amounts of manure for best outcomes.


Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 seeds have a hard skin and it is prescribed to absorb the seeds luke warm water for the time being prior to planting to further develop germination. The seeds ought to be treated with Thiram to forestall damping off.


After around five weeks.


Recommended plant distance for OKRA is 1 meter between the lines and 30 cm in the column, around 34000 plants for each HA..

The youthful Okra plants are exceptionally delicate so make a point not to harm the youthful plants while relocating or planting out.

Sicknesses AND PESTS

Should be managed when they become apparent, with the privately suggested items. Yearly yield turn is additionally suggested

to diminish the need of infectious prevention. Weeds should be monitored from the beginning.

Reaping Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 seeds

Reaping can begin around 50 days in the wake of planting out and could go on throughout a delayed timeframe, gave legitimate consideration has been taken to keep up with the harvest. Collecting ought to be done each and every day for best quality and the best return.

Collecting ought to be finished with a sharp blade and wearing gloves and long sleeves as the plants could make a hypersensitive response for certain individuals safeguard the skin of the hands from rashes. The delicate OKRA natural product dries out rapidly in the wake of being collected, loosing quality.

In a perfect world, reaping OKRA ought to be done promptly in the day when temperatures are still low. The organic product ought to be placed in a concealed and cool spot right away. Handle the OKRA natural product cautiously, wounded cases will become brown in practically no time.

Putting away OKRA

Continuously store in an all around ventilated place at a temperature of ca. 8 degrees C. furthermore, a general dampness of 95%

Great quality OKRA will save for a week or ten days. Putting away in punctured packs and applying 5 to 10 % CO2 could increment time span of usability with one more week.


The creation of Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 seeds relies obviously upon the ability of the producer yet could be when in full creation 5 kilo for each 100 m2. in one picking, as a feature of a complete conceivable yield of ca. 1500 kilo for every 100 m.

Step by step instructions to USE

OKRA can be utilized in the kitchen in a wide range of ways, frequently along with tomatoes: crude in a serving of mixed greens or cooked in a blended vegetable dish, on the grill, in a stew and furthermore southern style.

Supplement VALUES

The OKRA is loaded with nutrients, minerals, and minor components, for example, Beta carotene, B1., B2., B6., Foliumacid, Na., K., Ca., F., Mg., Fe., Sel., Zinc.

The OKRA is professed to emphatically affect numerous illnesses and issues yet these cases are still to be checked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 Seeds

What is Okra Hybrid Prerana F1?

Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 is a high-yielding variety of okra known for its tall plant stature (up to 2 meters) and prolific production of square-shaped pods.

What are the ideal growing conditions for Okra Hybrid Prerana F1?

These seeds prefer warm climates with temperatures between 20-30°C (68-86°F) and well-drained, light soil with a pH around 6.

How do I prepare the seeds for planting?

It’s recommended to soak Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 seeds in lukewarm water for some time before planting to improve germination. Treating them with a fungicide like Thiram can also be beneficial.

When and how should I plant the seeds?

Sow the seeds directly outdoors after the risk of frost has passed. Pre-soak the seeds and plant them 1 meter apart in rows with 30 cm spacing between plants.

How long does it take to harvest Okra Hybrid Prerana F1?

Pods can be harvested starting around 50 days after transplanting and continue throughout the season with proper care.

How do I harvest Okra Hybrid Prerana F1?

Use sharp pruners or a knife while wearing gloves and long sleeves to avoid skin irritation from the plants. Harvest pods daily for the best quality and to encourage further production.

How long can I store Okra Hybrid Prerana F1 pods?

Ideally, store fresh okra in a cool, well-ventilated area at around 8°C (46°F) and 95% humidity. High-quality pods can last 7-10 days.


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