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  • Clair F1 is a robust pepper with strong plants and a long shelf life for greenhouses, net houses, and open fields. It has a crisp, light flavor and a blocky form.


    Blocky for open fields, net houses, and greenhouses
    10,250 people per acre.
    65-75 days till maturity
    10 cm Fruit Length
    Dimensions: 9 cm
    90-100 mm in diameter
    Dark green to crimson in color
    Standing height 18 tons per acre in yields
    Bacterial Spot, Tobacco Etch Virus, Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus,
    Size of Package: 1000 seeds

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  • We sell Commandant F1 which is a blocky cross breed pepper that ultimately becomes red at full physiological development.

    It is a medium late to late assortment delivering blocky pepper organic products.
    The typical organic product weight is 220g.
    Standard utilization of sweet pepper is prescribed to defeat many problems and carry on with a solid life.
    We convey across the country.

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  • Elghali F1 is a mixture watermelon seed assortment with an exquisite round-oval shape. Also, it has a major, fresh, extremely sweet, scrumptious organic product size and is profoundly liked by the ranchers.
    Elghali F1 watermelon seeds is a top notch strain that can endure as long as about fourteen days after collect. This will assist with limiting misfortunes after collect and expand timeframe of realistic usability.
    Item includes:

    Bundle size: 1000 seeds.
    Natural product Weight: 12 kg.
    Longer timeframe of realistic usability.
    Seeds produce huge measured, sweet, and delicious organic product.

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  • The Capsicum annuum species includes the bell pepper, often known as sweet pepper, pepper, or capsicum (/kaepskm/). Yellow peppers are best grown in tropical greenhouses using the exceptionally flexible Mildred Bell Pepper cultivar.

    Product attributes:

    One thousand seeds total.
    Blocky for open fields, net houses, and greenhouses.
    10,000 to 250 people per acre.
    65–75 days until maturity.
    Fruit diameter: 90–100 mm.
    Fruit color: yellow to dark green.
    Standing height 18 tons of yield per acre.
    Bacteria Spot, Tobacco Etch, and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus resistances.

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  • Odyssey F1 half and half watermelon seeds (1000 Seeds) is an early cross breed watermelon that has most extreme treatment and exceptionally wealthy in supplement. Additionally exceptionally impervious to sicknesses.

    Item Features:

    Variety: Dark green
    Weight: 10 – 12kg.
    A high level of sugar.
    Simple to relocate.

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  • Rijk Zwaan developed the high-yielding yellow habanero variety called Loleza RZ F1. The pungency and scent are amazing. It may be grown well in greenhouses and on open fields. You should have this on your farm.

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