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Kaolack Watermelon Seed (OPV) jubaili Agrotec (100g)

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Craving juicy, vibrant watermelons that fit your fridge and flourish under the African sun? Kaolack Watermelon Seeds, known for their icebox-ideal size, exceptional sweetness, and robust disease resistance, are your summer gardening dream come true.

Benefits of icebox watermelon:

  • Sweet & succulent: Indulge in the irresistible taste of Kaolack watermelons.
  • Icebox-friendly: Enjoy perfectly sized fruits that fit your fridge with ease.
  • Disease-resistant: Grow with confidence, knowing your melons are naturally protected.
  • Widely adaptable: Thrive in diverse African climates, perfect for beginner and experienced growers.
  • High yields: Reap the rewards of abundant harvests with Kaolack’s vigorous growth.
Kaolack Watermelon Seed Kaolack Watermelon Seed (OPV) ...

Original price was: ₦17,500.00.Current price is: ₦15,000.00.

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Kaolack Watermelon Seed

Kaolack Watermelon Seed is made by the Jubaili firm. Its plant has a good cover and a medium-strong vigor.

Unleash the Flavor: Kaolack Watermelon Seeds produce cylindrical, oblong fruits bursting with exquisitely sweet, firm, and fine-grained flesh. These beauties aren’t just about size; they boast a rich red color, making them the star of any fruit salad or refreshing snack.

Cucumber Health Benefits.
contains valuable plant chemicals and nutrients.
aids in hydration.
contains substances that could aid in cancer prevention.
Boost cardiovascular health.

lower oxidative stress and inflammation.
assist in easing muscle discomfort.
Better your digestion.
How to Grow Watermelon from Kaolack Seeds

As long as the plants have enough space to spread out, excellent drainage, plenty of sunlight, and a long enough growing season, watermelons are surprisingly simple to grow.

icebox watermelon requires a position with 8 to 10 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Compost or organic slow-release fertilizer should be applied liberally to the top few inches of soil.
Place the dirt in little hills 8 to 10 feet apart; for compact kinds, place them closer together.
To raise the soil’s warmth, preserve moisture, manage weeds, and hasten growth, cover the hills with black plastic.
To plant within rows, cut a slit in the black plastic with a 60*150 cm spacing; for between rows, cut a slit with a 120*170 cm spacing.
On each hill, plant four watermelon seeds at a depth of 2.5*5.
Water the seeds after covering them with soil.

Reduce the number of plants per hill to only two when there are 8 days or so until emergence.
Watermelons are voracious eaters and drinkers. A lot of water and frequent fertilizer treatments are necessary for the plants.
If you’re not using black plastic, surround plants with a thick layer of mulch to retain moisture and control weed growth.
Many farmers cover immature plants with floating row covers to protect them from cucumber bugs. When blooms start to develop, these covers must be taken off to allow for pollination.

80 to 85 days are normally needed for watermelons to achieve maturity.
Stopping of growth, yellowing of the underside, and shriveling of the stem at the fruit’s base are all indications that the fruit is ready for harvest.
Snip the stem from the vine with shears to collect the melon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Kaolack Watermelon Seeds

What are Kaolack Watermelon Seeds?

Kaolack Watermelon Seeds are a variety of watermelon seed known for producing large, cylindrical watermelons with a deep red inner flesh. They are known for their sweetness, firmness, and fine-grained texture.

What are the benefits of Kaolack Watermelon Seeds?

  • Large, flavorful watermelons: These seeds produce watermelons known for their impressive size and delicious taste.
  • Disease resistance: (Check product description for specific resistances) Some sources suggest Kaolack Watermelon Seeds may offer some resistance to diseases like fusarium and anthracnose.
  • Easy to grow: Watermelons from Kaolack seeds are known to be relatively easy to grow with proper care.

How do I grow watermelons from Kaolack Seeds?

  • Sunlight and Space: Watermelons need ample sunlight (around 8-10 hours daily) and space to grow (planting hills 8-10 feet apart).
  • Soil Preparation: Ensure good drainage and enrich the soil with compost or organic fertilizer.
  • Planting: Sow seeds directly outdoors after the last frost, planting 4 seeds per hill and thinning to 2 strong seedlings later.
  • Watering and Feeding: Watermelons require consistent watering and regular fertilization throughout the growing season.
  • Maturity: Kaolack watermelons typically mature in around 80-85 days. Signs of ripeness include stopping growth, yellowing of the underside, and a shriveled stem at the fruit’s base.



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