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Pelleting Machine (1.2Tonne Per Hour)

Original price was: ₦4,400,000.00.Current price is: ₦4,399,999.00.

How to Use the 1.2-Ton Per Hour Pelleting Machine:

  1. Prepare the Material: Ensure the material to be pelleted is properly prepared, such as grinding feed ingredients or drying sawdust.

  2. Power Up: Connect the pelleting machine to a power source and turn it on.

  3. Adjust Pellet Size: Set the desired pellet size using the die and roller adjustment mechanism.

  4. Feed the Material: Slowly feed the material into the pelleting machine through the hopper.

  5. Pellet Production: The machine will compress and shape the material into pellets, which will then be discharged through the die.

Benefits of the 1.2Tonne Per Hour Pelleting Machine:

  • Enhanced Feed Efficiency: Improve feed digestibility and reduce waste with pelleted feed, leading to more efficient nutrient uptake for livestock.

  • Optimized Feed Costs: Minimize transportation and storage expenses by utilizing pelleted feed, as it is more compact and easier to handle.

  • Fuel Efficiency: Experience lower fuel consumption compared to alternative methods, making the pelleting machine an energy-efficient solution.

  • Environmental Friendliness: Reduce your environmental impact by utilizing waste materials like sawdust and converting them into valuable pellets.

  • Diversified Applications: Cater to a variety of pelleting needs with the machine’s versatility, from feed production to biomass processing.

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Revolutionize your pelleting operations with the 1.2Tonne per Hour Pelleting Machine and experience the advantages of high-capacity, efficient, and versatile pelleting. Order yours today and elevate your business to new heights!


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1.2Tonne Per Hour Pelleting Machine Pelleting Machine (1.2Tonne Pe...

Original price was: ₦4,400,000.00.Current price is: ₦4,399,999.00.

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Elevate your pelleting operations to new heights with the 1.2Tonne Per Hour Pelleting Machine, designed to revolutionize pellet production for both small and large-scale businesses.

Unmatched Performance:

  • Produce up to 1.2 tonnes of pellets per hour: Accelerate your pellet production capacity, meeting the demands of even the most demanding operations.

  • Process a wide range of materials: Transform a variety of materials, including feed, sawdust, and biomass, into high-quality pellets.

  • Powerful and Efficient: Leverage a powerful motor and advanced pelletizing technology to produce high-quality pellets with minimal energy consumption.

Constructed to Last:

  • Durable Construction: Built with premium materials to withstand rigorous use and ensure years of reliable performance.

  • Easy Maintenance: Minimal maintenance requirements, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

  • Robust Design: The machine’s sturdy construction ensures resilience against harsh environments and demanding applications.

Effortless Operation:

  • Intuitive Controls: Simplified operation with user-friendly controls, making it easy to navigate the machine’s features.

  • Automated Functions: Automated processes streamline the pelleting process, reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency.

  • Versatility for Diverse Applications: Tailor the machine to your specific needs with adjustable pellet size options.

Streamline Your Operations:

  • Reduce Waste and Improve Digestibility: Pelleted feed enhances feed digestibility, leading to reduced waste and improved nutrient uptake for livestock.

  • Minimize Transportation and Storage Costs: Pelleted feed is more compact and easier to handle, saving on transportation and storage costs.

  • Environmentally Friendly Pellets: Convert waste materials into valuable pellets, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Empower Your Business:

  • Boost Productivity and Profitability: Achieve higher production rates and reduce costs, leading to increased profitability.

  • Diversify Product Offerings: Create a wider range of pelleted products to cater to diverse customer needs.

  • Extend Market Reach: Expand your market reach by offering high-quality pelleted products.

Upgrade Your Pelleting Operations Today:

The 1.2Tonne Per Hour Pelleting Machine is the ideal solution for businesses seeking to elevate their pelleting operations to new heights. Experience unmatched performance, durability, ease of operation, and versatility, all while streamlining your processes and maximizing profitability.

Order Yours Today and Take Your Pelleting to the Next Level!


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