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Our Sticky Traps are -sided, non-gridded yellow sticky traps that draws aphids, thrips, leafminers, whiteflies and greater. They are designed to be used in gardens, nurseries, greenhouses or fields. Great for houseplants too. Wire hangers also can be used as stakes.

The Stick Trap is blue on one facet, yellow on the other. Pest Wizard Blue & Yellow Card Traps are twin-duty traps and seize an array of pests the use of particular shade wavelengths and MessyLess™ non-poisonous adhesive that gained’t stick to your palms.

Features and Chracteristics:

Colour: Yellow & Blue.
Dimension: 11cm x 30cm.
Material: Plastic.
Each p.C. Contains four rectangular traps and 8 hangers.
Traps are weather resistant and measure eight inches x three.5 inches.
The colorings in this entice will entice a wide kind of insects, including, however no longer restrained to insect pests like: leafminers, whitefly, leafhoppers, moths, and aphids.


For Potted Plants: Use a cord hanger as a stake to upward push the lowest of the Sticky Strip a few inches above the plant.

For Staked or Tied Plants: Arrange the Sticky Strip so the pinnacle is barely above the pinnacle of the plant canopy.

For Garden & Field Use: Use immediately on the floor with the sticky facet up, or for above floor trapping, hang with a string, or use the protected twine hanger which may be used as a stake.

You can hold the sticky traps on branches in bushes and roses.
The traps can be held on stakes close to vegetable row plants, shrubs and box vegetation as well.
For Monitoring: Use 1 lure in line with 1,000 rectangular ft.
For Trapping: Use 1 trap in step with 20-50 rectangular ft.

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Sticky traps are quite valuable to growers. They are used for considered one of matters: Trapping or tracking. Putting traps out in numbers may be effective in decreasing airborne person populations of sure pests like white flies and fungus gnats by trapping them. If used at the rate of 1 lure in line with 250 square feet, or 1 in step with one thousand square ft in large or mono-subculture greenhouses and checked, pests counted on a ordinary agenda, modified as needed, and the consequences charted, sticky traps can be an effective monitoring tool.

Use yellow sticky traps to lure and monitor maximum pests, along with whiteflies, fungus gnats, shore flies, thrips, winged aphids, leafminers, and so forth.

Use blue traps are for thrips best, that is helpful in case you need to display for thrips even as excluding the inadvertent seize of parasitoids like Aphidius spp. And other at-risk bio-controls.


Make sure you operate with care.
Reduce hold-period if wanted, just be steady.
Be aware they’ll inadvertently capture parasitic wasps, midges, and beetles.
Sticky Traps attract pest bugs using a particular color spectrum. They do not require lures or baits, but they can be more advantageous with important oils which include Melissa, Lemon, or Cinnamon Oil. Trapping is the most efficient manner to reveal your crop for pest insects and may frequently imply the insect’s presence early enough that other control measures can be taken.

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