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Arrow 80wp 1kg

Original price was: ₦8,000.00.Current price is: ₦7,500.00.



Arrow 80wp 1kg Arrow 80wp 1kg

Original price was: ₦8,000.00.Current price is: ₦7,500.00.

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Arrow 80wp 1kg

Arrow 80WP 1kg is a potent and effective herbicide renowned for its ability to control a wide range of grasses and broadleaf weeds in various agricultural settings. This powerful herbicide is formulated as a water-dispersible granule, making it easy to mix and apply, ensuring thorough coverage and effective weed control. Its active ingredient, Atrazine, is highly efficient in targeting unwanted vegetation while being safe for use in many crops when applied correctly.

Benefits of Arrow 80WP 1kg:

  1. Broad-Spectrum Weed Control: Arrow 80WP effectively controls a wide range of grasses and broadleaf weeds, providing comprehensive weed management in various crops.
  2. Selective Action: It selectively targets weeds while being safe for many crops, minimizing damage to desired vegetation and ensuring crop safety.
  3. Long-Lasting Control: This herbicide offers extended control, reducing the need for frequent reapplications and providing continuous weed suppression throughout the growing season.
  4. Easy Application: Formulated as a water-dispersible granule, Arrow 80WP is easy to mix and apply, facilitating efficient and precise application with minimal effort.
  5. Versatile Application Methods: It can be applied via ground or aerial spraying, offering flexibility to farmers based on field conditions and equipment availability.
  6. Cost-Effective: Arrow 80WP provides cost-effective weed control, helping farmers reduce overall herbicide expenses while maximizing crop yields.
  7. Optimized Crop Quality: By effectively managing weeds, Arrow 80WP helps optimize crop quality by reducing competition for resources and minimizing yield losses due to weed infestations.
  8. Improved Crop Yields: With weeds under control, crops can thrive and achieve their full yield potential, leading to increased profitability for farmers.
  9. Environmental Safety: When used according to label instructions, Arrow 80WP poses minimal risk to the environment and non-target organisms, ensuring responsible weed management practices.
  10. Trusted Performance: Arrow 80WP is trusted by farmers and agricultural professionals worldwide for its consistent performance and reliable weed control efficacy, making it a preferred choice for weed management in diverse agricultural settings.

Arrow 80wp 1kg Arrow 80wp 1kg Arrow 80wp 1kg Arrow 80wp 1kg


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