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Broilers Concentrate (Peak Feed) – 25kg Bag


Achieve optimal broiler growth, maximize feed efficiency, and boost your bottom line with Peak Feed’s Broilers Concentrate – a potent blend of essential nutrients for champion chickens.

The broiler starter mash is indicated for a minimum feed conversion ratio, maximum weight gain, and lowest possible production cost. The super starter is a feed that gives broilers a super-fast growth to attain market weight within 6-8 weeks of life.


  • Explosive Growth: Fuel rapid weight gain and achieve target market weights faster with a precise balance of energy, protein, and essential amino acids.
  • Peak Feed Efficiency: Convert more feed into meat, minimizing waste and maximizing your return on investment.
  • Superior Health: Fortified with vital vitamins, minerals, and immune-boosting elements, Broilers Concentrate promotes strong bones, a resilient digestive system, and optimal flock health.
  • Delicious Finish: Expect premium meat quality with superior texture and flavor, thanks to the concentrate’s focus on balanced nutrition and optimal growth.
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Broilers Concentrate (Peak Feed)

Peak Feed’s Broilers Concentrate is not just another feed; it’s a carefully formulated powerhouse designed to unlock the full potential of your broiler flock. This concentrated mix of high-quality ingredients provides everything your chickens need to thrive, from rapid growth and improved feed conversion to robust health and a delicious finish.

The Broilers Concentrate (Peak Feed) – 25kg Bag products are nutritionally complete poultry feeds in ground form. The broiler starter is aimed at achieving a higher growth rate, higher feed utilization rate, and low disease incidences at the early stage of the life of a chicken. It is highly balanced in nutrition and normally given to birds before the transition to the Finisher Mash.

Functions of Broilers Concentrate (Peak Feed):

  • Starter, Grower, and Finisher Options: It is specifically formulated for each stage of your chickens’ development, ensuring their nutritional needs are met throughout their growth cycle.
  • Versatile Mixing: Easily blend the concentrate with readily available grains and other local ingredients to create a complete and cost-effective feed ration.
  • Expertly Crafted: Formulated by experienced poultry nutritionists, Peak Feed’s Broilers Concentrate uses only the highest-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Boost your broiler operation with Peak Feed’s Broilers Concentrate and experience the difference:

  • Increased profitability: Optimized feed conversion and faster growth lead to higher yields and improved farm income.
  • Reduced feed costs: The concentrate allows for flexible mixing with locally available ingredients, lowering overall feed expenses.
  • Healthier birds: Strong immune systems and optimal nutrition result in fewer health issues and reduced medication costs.
  • Improved meat quality: Achieve superior carcass weight, texture, and flavor, fetching premium prices in the market.

Invest in your flock’s future with Peak Feed’s Broilers Concentrate. Contact us today to learn more and unlock the full potential of your broiler business!

  • The minimum order is 100 bags and delivery is nationwide.
Weight 25 kg


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