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Grower Concentrate ( Peak Feed Brand) – 25kg Bag


Peak Feed Grower Concentrate is a scientifically formulated feed supplement designed to maximize the growth and development of your young poultry. Rich in nutrients and essential additives, it delivers:

  • Faster growth rates
  • Improved feed utilization
  • Stronger, healthier birds
  • Enhanced egg production (for pullets)
  • Longer shelf life
Grower Concentrate ( Peak Feed Brand) Grower Concentrate ( Peak Feed...


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Grower Concentrate ( Peak Feed Brand) is the answer to unlocking the full potential of your growing flock. This powerful concentrate goes beyond basic feed, providing a potent blend of:

  • High-quality protein sources: Supports muscle development and tissue repair.
  • Balanced mineral profile: Ensures strong bones, healthy beaks, and efficient feathering.
  • Essential vitamins: Boosts immunity, supports digestion, and improves overall well-being.
  • Performance-enhancing additives: Optimizes feed utilization, promotes rapid growth, and enhances egg production in pullets.


  • Increased profitability: Rapid growth and improved feed utilization lead to faster market weight and reduced feed costs.
  • Improved flock health: Balanced nutrition strengthens immunity and prevents disease, resulting in healthy, productive birds.
  • Enhanced egg production: For pullets, the feed promotes early laying and sustained peak production.
  • Convenience and flexibility: Mix with grains and other ingredients to create a custom feed tailored to your flock’s needs.

It is the smart choice for poultry farmers who:

  • Demand the best for their birds.
  • Prioritize efficiency and profitability.
  • Want to achieve optimal flock health and performance?

Invest in your future success with Peak Feed Grower Concentrate. Order yours today!

Weight 25 kg


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