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Capsitox Insecticide (Thiamethoxam 25WG)

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Capsitox Insecticide is a fundamental bug spray in the class of neonicotinoids. It successfully controls cocoa mirids and a wide scope of sucking bugs in different harvests. A water dispersal granule is best applied with a fog Blower.

Item Features:

Dynamic fixing: Thiamethoxam 25WDG
Method of activity: Systemic
Bundling Size: 5g.

Capsitox Insecticide Capsitox Insecticide (Thiameth...

Original price was: ₦1,000.00.Current price is: ₦750.00.

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Capsitox Insecticide

Capsitox Insecticide is a foundational insect poison by Saro Science. It is in fine structure and has a place with the class of neonicotinoids. Really controls cocoa mirids and a wide scope of sucking bugs in different harvests. A water dispersal granule is best applied with a fog Blower.

Method Of Action Of Capsitox Insecticide
Neonicotinoids assault the bug sensory system by disrupting the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. It is attractive for the control of bugs that are creating protection from traditional organophosphate, carbamate, and pyrethroid insect poisons.

Target Pests Of Capsitox Insecticide
Aphids, Leafhopper, Whiteflies, Thrips, Rice containers, Colorado potato scarab, Flea creepy crawlies, Cocoa mirids, and Wireworms

Utilization Of Capsitox Insecticides
Put one sachet in 10-15ltrs of water at a portion pace of 100g/ha

Limit your openness to pesticides.
Stay away from contact with eyes.
Wear eye insurance, long jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and a cap that can be washed after each utilization.
Continuously read the mark of individual items for extra bearings.
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Capsitox Insecticide

Capsitox Insecticide

Capsitox Insecticide: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Capsitox Insecticide?

Capsitox Insecticide is a granular insecticide produced by Saro Science. It belongs to the neonicotinoid class of insecticides and is effective against a broad spectrum of sucking insects, including cocoa mirids, in various crops.

How does Capsitox Insecticide work?

Capsitox targets the insect nervous system by disrupting the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. This makes it a good choice for controlling insects that have developed resistance to traditional insecticides like organophosphates, carbamates, and pyrethroids.

What pests does Capsitox Insecticide control?

Capsitox is effective against a wide range of sucking insects, including:

  • Aphids
  • Leafhoppers
  • Whiteflies
  • Thrips
  • Rice stink bugs
  • Colorado potato beetle
  • Flea beetles
  • Cocoa mirids
  • Wireworms

How to use Capsitox Insecticide:

  • Mixing: Add one sachet of Capsitox to 10-15 liters of water.
  • Application rate: Apply the diluted solution at a rate of 100 grams per hectare (100g/ha).
  • Application method: For best results, use a fog blower to apply the solution.


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