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  1. Udara, also known as the African star apple, is a favorite of many people all throughout Nigeria but especially in the southern region. The yoruba call it agbalumo, while southerners call it udala or udara. White African star apple is another name for it in English. Chrysophyllum albidum, a plant. The time has come to start udara farming since udara trees grow organically in the wild (forest).


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African star apples are seasonal fruit that grows from December to April. It is a plant that thrives in tropical climates. They are primarily grown in African nations like Nigeria and Uganda, the Niger Republic, Cameroon, Cote d’ Voire, and Cameroon.

Though some people refer to it as a cherry, the udara fruit is more like a berry. No more than 5 seeds can be found in a single fruit. When unripe, the fruit is green; when ripe, it is yellow with brown stripes on parts of the fruit. The milky liquid is found in the pulp, which is reddish-brown in color. When consumed, the pulp residue can likewise transform into chewing gum. If this liquid comes in contact with any fabric, the stain won’t disappear and will instead turn a dark brown. Jams and jellies can be made with juice from the vitamin-rich udara fruit. Udara pulp is frequently used as a snack because it has a great flavor and is filling. The udara plant is beneficial in terms of nutrition, finances, and health. In Nigeria, fruits are primarily used for commerce.



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