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Miracle fruit seedlings (Sweet berry, Agbayun, Taami)


The miracle fruit is a plant having a berry that, when consumed, transforms sour foods into sweet ones. Miraculin, a product used commercially as a sugar substitute, is responsible for this effect. Miracle fruit, miraculous berry, sweet berry, and agbayun, taami, asaa, and ledidi are some of the common names for this plant and its berries in West Africa, where it is native.

Benefits of Miracle Fruit Seedlings

  • Miracle fruit seedlings are a fun and easy way to grow your own miracle fruit plant at home.
  • Miracle fruit can help you enjoy sour foods without the sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Miracle fruit can be used to make healthy desserts and snacks.
  • Miracle fruit is a great way to add a little bit of magic to your life.

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Miracle fruit seedlings Miracle fruit seedlings (Sweet...


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The miracle fruit, also known as the miracle berry, is a small, tropical fruit with an amazing ability to alter the taste of sour foods. When you eat a miracle fruit, your taste buds are temporarily transformed so that sour foods, such as lemons, limes, and grapefruit, taste sweet. This effect can last for up to an hour.

Miracle fruit seedlings are the perfect way to grow your own miracle fruit plant at home. These seedlings are easy to care for and can produce fruit within two to three years.

Product Features

  • Easy to grow
  • Produces fruit in two to three years
  • Makes sour foods taste sweet
  • A fun and healthy way to enjoy sour foods
  • A great conversation starter

Miracle Fruit Seedlings’ Qualities
The seedlings of the miracle fruit reach heights of between 1.8 and 4.5 meters (6 and 15 feet).
The plant’s leaves range in length from 5 to 10 cm, and their breadth is typically between 2 and 3.7 cm.
The terminals of the branchlets bear clusters of leaves that are glabrous on the underside.
The plant produces red-hued fruits that are each 2 cm long and with white-hued blossoms.
Each of the fruits has a single seed.
Low sugar content and a subtly sweet taste characterize the fruit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Miracle Fruit Seedlings:

What is the miracle fruit?

The miracle fruit, also known as the miracle berry, is a small fruit that alters your taste perception for up to an hour. After consuming a miracle fruit, sour foods like lemons or grapefruit will taste sweet.

What are the benefits of growing my own miracle fruit plant?

  • Enjoy sweet and sour flavors without added sugar: Miracle fruit allows you to experience the sweetness in sour foods naturally.
  • Fun and unique conversation starter: The taste-altering properties are a fascinating phenomenon to share with friends and family.
  • Easy to grow: Miracle fruit seedlings are relatively low-maintenance.
  • Healthy addition to your diet: Miracle fruit is low in sugar and has a slightly sweet taste on its own.

How long does it take for miracle fruit seedlings to produce fruit?

Miracle fruit seedlings can take 2-3 years to mature and produce fruit.

How tall do miracle fruit plants grow?

Mature miracle fruit plants can reach heights between 6 and 15 feet.

How do I care for my miracle fruit seedlings?

Miracle fruit plants thrive in warm, humid environments with well-drained soil. Refer to specific care instructions provided with your seedlings for optimal growth.

What do miracle fruit seedlings look like?

The miracle fruit seedling will have small leaves (2-3.7 cm wide) and a single stem.


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