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Jackfruit or Breadfruit (Yam / Nut type (Ukwa)


Jackfruit, also known as breadfruit, is a large, tropical fruit that is native to Southeast Asia. It is known for its spiky exterior and its sweet, fleshy flesh. Jackfruit can be eaten ripe or unripe.

jackfruit benefits:

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • A good source of fiber
  • Low in calories
  • Versatile ingredient
  • Can be used in sweet and savory dishes
  • A good substitute for meat
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Keto-friendly
  • Paleo-friendly


Jackfruit or Breadfruit Jackfruit or Breadfruit (Yam /...


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Jackfruit or Breadfruit

Large evergreen trees called African breadfruits (Treculia africana Decne) grow in humid tropical and subtropical woodlands. In West and Central Africa, it is very common. It is a member of the Moraceae family.

The health and overall well-being of people can greatly benefit from breadfruits. It can be eaten cooked in either fried or baked form. Both options offer heart-healthy nutrients as well as other amazing entire nutrition.

Looking for a delicious and healthy fruit that is also versatile and sustainable? Look no further than jackfruit! This exotic fruit is native to Southeast Asia and is known for its spiky exterior and sweet, fleshy flesh. Jackfruit can be eaten ripe or unripe and can be used in a variety of sweet and savory dishes.

Health Benefits of Jackfruit:

  • Jackfruit is a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.
  • It is also a good source of fiber, which can help to promote digestive health.
  • Jackfruit is low in calories and fat, making it a healthy snack or meal option.

Versatility of Jackfruit or Breadfruit:

  • Jackfruit can be used in a variety of sweet and savory dishes.
  • Ripe jackfruit can be eaten fresh, added to smoothies, or used to make jam or jelly.
  • Unripe jackfruit can be cooked and used as a substitute for meat in dishes such as pulled pork, tacos, and curries.
  • Jackfruit can also be used to make chips, fries, and flour.

Sustainability of Jackfruit/jackfruit seeds:

  • Jackfruit is a sustainable fruit crop that is easy to grow and requires minimal resources.
  • Jackfruit trees are also long-lived, producing fruit for up to 100 years.
  • Jackfruit is a good source of food security for developing countries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Jackfruit vs. Breadfruit

What is the difference between jackfruit and breadfruit?

While both are large, tropical fruits, they have some key distinctions:

  • Origin: Jackfruit is native to Southeast Asia, while Breadfruit originates from West and Central Africa.
  • Taste: Ripe jackfruit has a sweet, fruity flavor. Breadfruit has a more starchy, potato-like flavor when cooked.
  • Culinary Uses: Jackfruit can be enjoyed ripe or unripe, offering versatility in sweet and savory dishes. Breadfruit is typically consumed cooked due to its starchy texture.

Is jackfruit healthy?

Yes, jackfruit offers several health benefits:

  • Rich in nutrients: Jackfruit is a good source of fiber, and vitamins (C, potassium, magnesium), and is low in calories and fat.
  • Promotes digestion: The fiber content in jackfruit can aid digestive health.

How can I use jackfruit?

Jackfruit’s versatility shines in various dishes:

  • Ripe: Enjoy it fresh, add it to smoothies, or use it for jams and jellies.
  • Unripe: Cooked unripe jackfruit can be a meat substitute in pulled pork, tacos, and curries, or transformed into chips, fries, and even flour.

Is jackfruit sustainable?

Jackfruit trees are eco-friendly due to several factors:

  • Easy to grow: Jackfruit requires minimal resources for cultivation.
  • Long lifespan: These trees can produce fruit for up to a century.
  • Food security: Jackfruit is a reliable food source in developing countries.


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