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Daksh | Dichlorvos 100% W/V EC | 250ml | 1L


Daksh serves to productively use the supplements and energy present in the dirt. Daksh shields plants from bugs, worms and nuisances. It’s an organophosphate insect poison.

Dynamic fixings
Dichlorvos 100 percent. W/V EC

Daksh | Dichlorvos Daksh | Dichlorvos 100% W/V EC...


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Daksh | Dichlorvos

Daksh is a standard item that safeguards plants, takes out unsafe irritations, keeps the plants safe and advances stable plant development which assists with accomplishing significant returns and efficiency. It is an exceptionally dynamic contact insect spray.

It goes about as a fumigant. This item has superb entrance properties that annihilate bugs quickly. It is suggested for vermin like drills, leaf diggers, and leaf caterpillars that assault crops.

The most effective method to apply
Blend appropriately and apply by splashing it on the plants.

Prescribed harvests to apply on
It is exceptionally successful for vegetables/beats, oilseeds, natural products, vegetables, grains, pepper and cereals.

Significance of utilizing Daksh on your harvests
Crop amount and quality rely upon the security of harvests. Without pesticides, the yield of most harvests will decline. It further restricts openness to food tainted with unfortunate miniature life forms and normally happening toxins, subsequently keeping away from wellbeing-related diseases. It is consequently vital to utilize a successful item like Daksh.

It empowers ranchers to develop sound, top-notch food at reasonable costs. They likewise empower ranchers to have an overflow of sound, throughout the entire year food that is significant for human wellbeing. Crops contain fundamental supplements and are more accessible and available. Grains, milk, and proteins, which are crucial for adolescence improvement, are all the more promptly accessible because of lower food and creature feed costs. The utilization of Daksh in your harvests will bring about great yields and all-around efficiency.

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Daksh | Dichlorvos

Daksh | Dichlorvos

Daksh: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Daksh?

Daksh is a pesticide used to protect plants from harmful insects, pests, and worms. It promotes healthy plant growth and helps achieve high yields.

How does Daksh work?

Daksh acts as a contact insecticide and a fumigant. It kills insects quickly upon contact and has good penetration properties to reach hidden pests.

What types of pests does Daksh control?

Daksh is particularly effective against insects like:

  • Drills
  • Leaf miners
  • Leaf caterpillars

How do I apply Daksh?

Follow the instructions on the product label carefully. Generally, Daksh is mixed with water and applied by spraying it directly onto the plants.

What crops are Daksh recommended for?

Daksh is effective for a wide variety of crops, including:

  • Vegetables/roots
  • Oilseeds
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Pepper
  • Cereals

Why is it important to use Daksh on my crops?

Using Daksh helps protect your crops from harmful insects, leading to:

  • Increased crop yield and quality
  • Reduced risk of food contamination by insects or toxins
  • Improved overall farm productivity and efficiency

Does Daksh benefit consumers?

By protecting crops, Daksh helps farmers produce healthy, high-quality food at reasonable prices. This leads to:

  • Increased availability of year-round, healthy food for consumers
  • Easier access to essential nutrients from crops
  • Lower food and animal feed costs, making essential protein sources like grains, milk, and meat more accessible


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