Efia F1 Hybrid Habanero Hot Pepper Seeds (East West seeds Brand) -1000 seeds


Efia F1 Hybrid Habanero Hot Pepper Seeds provide agricultural seed that is incredibly healthy. is a highly nourishing food with a delicious scent. They have a high fruit set and good plant vigor, making them exceedingly productive. The Efia F1 has a thick wall, a mature dark-red color, and a powerful fragrant flavor.

Efia F1 Hybrid Habanero Hot Pepper Seeds attributes:

  • Unparalleled Heat: Experience the intense, fiery zest of the Efia F1 Habanero, a true haven for spice enthusiasts. With an average SHU range of 150,000-300,000, these peppers pack a punch that will tantalize your taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

  • Exquisite Aroma: Indulge in the rich, fruity fragrance of the Efia F1 Habanero, a symphony of aromas that complements its fiery heat. Their pungent, fruity essence adds depth and complexity to any culinary creation, elevating your dishes to new heights of flavor.

  • Prolific Yields: Embrace the abundance of the Efia F1 Habanero, a highly productive variety that rewards your efforts with generous harvests. These vigorous plants, known for their strong resistance to diseases, thrive in various climates, ensuring a bountiful supply of peppers throughout the growing season.

  • Culinary Versatility: Unleash your culinary creativity with the Efia F1 Habanero, a versatile ingredient that adds a fiery touch to a wide range of dishes. From fiery salsas and scorching hot sauces to spicy stir-fries and tantalizing marinades, these peppers elevate your culinary creations with their intense heat and captivating aroma.

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Efia F1 Hybrid Habanero Hot Pepper Seeds

Elevate your culinary creations with the Efia F1 Hybrid Habanero Hot Pepper Seeds, a premium variety renowned for its exceptional heat, captivating aroma, and prolific yields. These vibrant red peppers, measuring approximately 2-3 inches in length, boast a thick, fleshy wall that delivers a fiery kick of 150,000-300,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), making them a true habanero aficionado’s delight.

Efia F1 Hybrid Pepper Seeds Specifications
Thailand’s East-West Seed International is the source.
Variety: Efia F1
Vegetation vigor: Moderate
Green is an immature color.
Dark red for adults.
The thickness of the wall
Strong fragrant flavor and high pungent pungency.
Tm and Cmv (the tobacco and cucumber mosaic virus) exhibit intermediate resistance.
5 grams of seeds per pack.
Benefits Of Efia F1 Hybrid Habanero Hot Pepper Seeds For Health Digestive System:

Some vital anti-ulcer compounds are found in hot peppers. They also work as digestive tract anti-irritants.
Hot peppers have small amounts of antioxidants and other compounds that help with digestive problems like settling an upset stomach, treating diarrhea, and relieving cramps naturally.
Healthy heart: By lowering blood serum cholesterol and reducing lipid deposits, it also enhances the circulatory system and protects against heart disease.
Consuming spicy peppers can also cause blood vessels to enlarge, improving blood flow.
Lowering the risk of cancer: Red hot peppers’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound called capsaicin helps them fight cancer.
Large pepper consumption has been shown in studies to be protective against bladder, pancreatic, and breast cancers.
Bad breath prevention: They can help to improve breath odor by acting as a disinfectant in the air you exhale.
Hot peppers can greatly lessen body aches and migraines.
Enhancing metabolism and encouraging weight loss.
Seasons You Can Grow The Efia F1 Hybrid Pepper Seeds
Any time of year is suitable for planting this hybrid pepper seed.
Efia F1 Hybrid Habanero Hot Pepper Seeds: How to Grow Them: Peppers can be transplanted out 2 to 3 times or sown in the garden. Seven to ten weeks prior to the day you plan to set, sow pepper seeds inside.


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