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Farming Meat Goats: Breeding, Production and Marketing


Our Farming Meat Goats Guidebook is your go-to resource for raising healthy and profitable meat goats. Packed with expert tips on breed selection, herd management, and maximizing profitability, this guide is a must-have for any aspiring meat goat farmer.

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Farming Meat Goats is growing in popularity and is becoming an important export industry. It offers many opportunities for large- and small-scale farmers who need to diversify or seek alternative enterprises. This book deals specifically with the production of goats for meat and addresses all aspects of the industry that the producer is likely to encounter. It covers selecting and preparing a property, choosing the breeding stock, breeding, health care, and nutrition, drought feeding, condition scoring, and marketing.

One of the key benefits of Farming Meat Goats is that it will allow farmers to produce animals to specification for targeted markets in Australia and overseas including butchers; supermarkets; restaurants; on-farm live sales; sales to abattoirs that specialize in Halal kills; and breeding stock either as replacement

Unlock the secrets to successful meat goat farming with our comprehensive guidebook! Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting, this guide is your ultimate resource for raising healthy and profitable meat goats.

From selecting the right breeds to managing herd health and maximizing profitability, our expert tips and techniques will help you every step of the way. With detailed information on housing, feeding, breeding, and marketing, this guidebook is a must-have for anyone looking to thrive in the meat-goat farming industry.

– Expert guidance on breed selection, herd management, and profitability
– Detailed information on housing, feeding, breeding, and marketing
– Suitable for both beginners and experienced farmers
– Learn how to raise healthy and profitable meat goats with confidence

**How to Use:**
1. **Breed Selection:** Learn about different meat goat breeds and choose the one that best fits your farming goals and local conditions.

2. **Herd Management:** Implement effective herd management practices to ensure the health and productivity of your goats. This includes proper nutrition, vaccination schedules, and parasite control.

3. **Housing and Facilities:** Set up appropriate housing and facilities to provide a comfortable and secure environment for your goats, considering factors like shelter, ventilation, and space requirements.

4. **Feeding:** Develop a balanced feeding program based on the nutritional needs of meat goats at different stages of growth and production. This includes a mix of pasture, hay, grains, and supplements.

5. **Breeding:** Understand the basics of goat reproduction and breeding techniques to maintain a productive herd. Learn about breeding schedules, mating practices, and pregnancy care.

6. **Healthcare:** Stay proactive about goat health by monitoring for signs of illness, conducting regular health checks, and seeking veterinary care when needed. Implement preventive measures to minimize disease risks.

7. **Marketing:** Explore different marketing strategies to sell your meat goats and their products. This includes direct sales to consumers, local markets, restaurants, and online platforms.

By following these steps and utilizing the valuable insights provided in our Farming Meat Goats Guidebook, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed in the meat goat farming industry and achieve your farming goals.


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