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The offered item: Green Land Paecilomyces lilacinus strain CGAIPFPS-01 by GreenFields is a bio-nematicide powder for the control of nematodes. It is particularly valuable in stifling root-hitch nematodes.

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Green Land: Biological Nematode Control Agent
The green land organic nematicide is ideal for home cultivating and enormous scope ranchers. The organic nematicide depends on a chose kind of normally happening growth and helps with stifling root-hitch nematodes.

Nematicides are synthetic substances used to kill nematodes – small, parasitic worms that live in water or soil. Albeit the threadlike critters are infinitesimal, they can cause significant harm when they feed on plant tissue or roots.

Target bothers: Root-tie nematode, Remiform nematode, Cyst nematode, Golden growth nematode, Citrus nematode, and Lesion nematode.

Method of Action
Paecilomyces lilacinus CGAIPFPS-01 is firmly parasitic to all progressive phases of normal plant tainting nematodes, particularly the eggs. Spores of the growth likewise stick to the fingernail skin of the vermiform phase of nematodes as they relocate through the dirt. The spores grow and enter the fingernail skin and inundate the nematodes. The hyphae of the growth can likewise be entering the eggs, Iuvenils, male, female nematodes through body openings like the rear-end and vulva. The creating parasite kills the nematodes by benefiting from its body contents. The organism goes about as a parasite on the nematodes.

Ways Of lessening Damage by Nematodes
The expansion of excrement, manure, or another natural material is one non-poisonous method for lessening the harm brought about by nematodes. By further developing soil construction and water maintenance, natural material establishes a sound climate that builds the possibilities of plant endurance in any event, when nematodes are available.
Profound, rare watering makes sound, nematode-safe roots. Stay away from high-nitrogen manures, which produce rich development and nematode-inclined roots.
Developing plants in over the ground compartments can likewise decrease harm brought about by nematodes. Make a point to utilize a clean preparing blend that hasn’t been sullied by standard nursery soil.
Note: Plant-parasitic nematodes are at their generally helpless during their dynamic stage in soil while looking for the foundations of host plants. When endoparasitic species have infiltrated a root, control with synthetic substances is more troublesome as nematicidal compounds must be non-phytotoxic and ideally foundational.


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