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Straightforward 300 OD has a mix of foundational and contact properties which gives fast knockdown and hostile to taking care of impacts. It is an expansive portion insect poison for sucking and gnawing bugs.
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Straightforward 300 OD is an insect poison with a mix of contact, ingestion, and fundamental properties. It offers quick and secure assurance on cotton and vegetable harvests.

Dynamic Ingredient: Imidacloprid 210g/L + Beta-Cyfluthrin 90g/L 0D

Imidacloprid has been assessed as a grain protectant for control of an extensive variety of put away item creepy crawly species. It is a foundational insect spray having a place with a class of synthetic substances called the neonicotinoids that follow up on bugs’ focal sensory systems. The compound works by obstructing the transmission of upgrades in the bug sensory system. In particular, it causes a blockage of the nicotinic neuronal pathway. By obstructing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, imidacloprid keeps acetylcholine from sending motivations between nerves, bringing about the bug’s loss of motion and inevitable demise. It is powerful on contact and through stomach activity. Since imidacloprid ties significantly more unequivocally to bug neuron receptors than vertebrate neuron receptors, this insect poison is more harmful to bugs than warm blooded animals.

Beta-cyfluthrin is an insect poison, going about as a contact and stomach poison. It consolidates a quick thump down impact with durable viability. It isn’t fundamental in plants. It is utilized in agribusiness, cultivation (field and safeguarded harvests), and viticulture.
Utilize Spartan 300 OD Insecticide when you have bug bothers swarming your yields and ornamentals. Most great control will be accomplished when applications are made preceding the egg seal of the objective nuisances. Apply on quiet days when wind speed is low to limit the gamble of float.
Center Crops: Rice, Maize, Tomato, Cotton, vegetables.

Center vermin: Whiteflies, Aphids, Armyworms, Borers, Bollworms, Thrips.

Portion rate: 40ml – 80ml (4-8ml) with 16L sprayer


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