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Watermelon kaolack seeds develop as oval-formed organic products, enormous size, light green strip.

On account of their tube-shaped round shape, they are frequently called the “fridge type” and they are sufficiently sizeable to fit in the cooler.

It has brilliant protection from fusarium and anthracnosis (Colletotrichum legendarium).
Planting is 350-400g per hectare.
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Watermelon Kaolack

TECNI SEED KAOLACK develop as oval-molded organic product, huge size, light green strip. This barrel shaped round melon is called a fridge type since it is adequately sizeable to fit in the cooler.

These seeds are generally adjusted, light green outwardly and dazzling red, firm, and fine-grained inward tissue that is really sweet.
It has superb protection from fusarium and anthracnosis (Colletotrichum legendarium).
This item is very much appreciated and one of the most famous watermelon seeds filled in Nigeria.

Watermelon Kaolack: Product highlights
Planting: 350-400g per hectare.
Distance: 4-5 seeds for every opening. Dainty out while grew leaving the most grounded plant.
Long stretches of development: 70-90 days.
Bundle size: 500g.

Organic product weight: 5-6kg.
Organic product skin tone: Light green, with fine medium green stripes.
Inward tissue highlights: Red tone, crunchy and sweet.

Plant populace and dispersing
A by and large took on separating of between 4,000 to 8,000 plants for each hectare is suggested.

Climatic prerequisites
Ideal germination temperature: 27-32°C, with night temperature not lower than 24°C.
Ideal development temperatures around evening time are 18-20°C, and day 24-30°C, and for aging 15-25°C. 2.2

Relocating watermelon seeds
The seeds should be relocated and watered following they have been acquired from the nursery.
Establishing plate should be kept cool and clammy in the shade until utilized.
While relocating, guarantee that the roots are not harmed by the utilization of pointless strain around the root module.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for TECNI SEED KAOLACK Watermelon Seeds

What are TECNI SEED KAOLACK Watermelon Seeds?

TECNI SEED KAOLACK Watermelon Seeds are a variety known for producing large, oval-shaped watermelons with a light green rind. These melons are ideal for refrigerators due to their size and are popular in Nigeria.

What are the benefits of TECNI SEED KAOLACK Watermelon Seeds?

  • Large, Sweet Fruits: These seeds produce melons known for their impressive size, sweetness, and crisp, red flesh.
  • Disease Resistance: TECNI SEED KAOLACK boasts strong resistance to fusarium and anthracnose diseases.
  • Refrigerator Friendly: The oval shape makes them perfect for fitting in refrigerators.

How do I plant TECNI SEED KAOLACK Watermelon Seeds?

  • Planting Rate: The recommended planting rate is 350-400 grams of seeds per hectare.
  • Seed Spacing: Plant 4-5 seeds per hole and thin out to the strongest plant after germination.
  • Maturity: These watermelons mature in 70-90 days.


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