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  • We offer Adaminolyte wsp which is grown extraordinarily for the counteraction and treatment of all lacks in nutrients, minor components, and amino acids in poultry.

    Adaminolyte is an even healthful enhancement to be given if there should arise an occurrence of execution inadequacies, stress (feed or environment changes, transport, inoculation, and so on) or during high creation periods (laying, development).

    The offered item can be given previously or after the treatment of coccidíosis, worm, bacterial or viral contamination.

    In layers, Adaminolyte wsp can bring about higher egg creation and better egg quality just as a lengthy laying period.

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  • We offer Aminovit which is profoundly focused with nutrients and fundamental amino acids needed for supporting egg creation and eggs size.

    It is appropriate in instances of lack of hydration, hepatic inebriations, hypoproteinemia, likewise to reestablish ionic equilibrium. In looseness of the bowels, paleness, and neuropathies.

    In cows and pigs, it is acquired a superior creation with more noteworthy ripeness and better crias. In dairy cows, it expands the creation and in meat creatures, you get more meat and less fat.

    The offered item assists domesticated animals with recuperating quicker from illnesses, supporting their invulnerable status.

    It Increases hunger and lessens pressure related with transportation, immunization, debeaking, heat, and so on

    Check for updates of the real bundling plan of this item.

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  • Aminovita Forte Tavet 1L is an optimal item for your domesticated animals. It further develops protection from infections.

    This is a finished amino corrosive blend, which is vital for dashing just as for rearing and shedding. It is an ideal item when there is a rising wholesome interest in the periods of expanded effort and in the development stage.

    During the raising season, it further develops condition and structure. When reproducing, it guarantees ideal egg-laying and ideal improvement of the youthful birds. During shedding the methionine guarantees an ideal new plumage. Aminovita Forte Tavet gives more energy and supports the endurance of the pigeons. For the accomplishment of max executions, this drug is fundamental.

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  • Amprolin is indicated for the treatment of coccidiosis caused by coccidia susceptible to amprolium (Eimeria spp) or gastrointestinal infections for which it is therapeutically or prophylactically indicated to administer amprolium in calves, goats, sheep, and poultry.


    Amprolium hydrochloride         300mg

    Carrier ad                                       1g



    For oral administration through drinking water or milk

    Calves, sheep, and goats;

    • Preventive; 1g per 60kg body weight through drinking water for 1-2 weeks.
    • Curative; 1g per 30kg body weight through drinking water for 5 days.


    • Preventive; 100g per 500 litres of water for 1-2 weeks.
    • Curative; 100g per 150-250 litres of water for 5-7 days.



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  • The utilization and demand for ascorbic acid by livestock increases during periods of heat-stress but its synthesis is limited.

    Vitamin C thus plays an important role in enhancing energy supply during stressful situations-as an exogenous source.

    This helps improve performance, as well as other beneficial effects when included in the diet of livestock.

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  • We offer you a pack of Ascorbic corrosive, which assists with improving the development of your creatures. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is a 6-carbon lactone that is blended from glucose by animals.

    Birds can blend ascorbic corrosive, in any case, this is deficient under pressure conditions.

    Oxidative harm has been fingered to increment with a decrease in plasma levels of zinc, folic corrosive, nutrients C and E, and different minerals.

    We convey across the country!

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  • We offer Bio-Care Plus which is probably the best multivitamin for domesticated animals creation.

    Bio-Care Plus Liquid Vitamins and Antibiotics is a blend of oxytetracycline and nutrients A, D3, E, B6, K3, methionine, lysine.

    It lessens domesticated animals mortality by eliminating pressure by going about as a top notch hostile to push.

    This item is for veterinary utilize as it were.

    We convey cross country!

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  • We offer Broiler Booster Super Tonic which is a supertonic formed to upgrade weight gain by expanding the birds’ craving, further develop feed change, help invulnerability in grills, and developing pullets.

    It additionally lessens pressure to improve feed consumption by your chickens.

    Utilizing our top notch item, your birds will arrive at market weight inside a brief period.

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  • Put in a request for our calcium borogluconate today! It is utilized in homegrown creatures when there are low blood levels of calcium.

    The offered item is utilized for the treatment of metabolic infections, for example, milk fever because of hypocalcemia in Cows, Buffalos, and different types of homegrown creatures.

    It is additionally suggested for the avoidance and treatment of medication instigated liver harm.

    Utilize this item adhering to all directions!!

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  • Focus Multivit-Amino is a water-solvent multivitamin and furthermore a feed-grade supplement that provisions the fundamental nutrients and amino acids required for the ideal development and execution of poultry.

    This item is helpful as it serves a scope of animals including; poultry, fish, pig, bunny, and canines.

    We convey cross country.

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  • Chicken Couplet Feed Additives are specially formulated
    to deliver the essential nutrients that chickens need to stay in tip-top shape. This 100g sachet contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to provide your birds with a balanced and nutritious diet. The feed additives are easy to use, simply sprinkle the sachet onto your bird’s regular feed to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. With Chicken Couplet Feed Additives, you can provide your feathered friends with the nutrients they need for healthy, happy lives.

    We offer chicken couplet which is a feed-added substance for poultry creation.

    The offered item contains fundamental supplements needed for solid living and an ideal resistant arrangement of poultry birds.

    This item has no unlawful medications, no bio-chemicals, no buildup, and can be utilized securely.

    Try not to use in top egg creation in laying birds.

    This item is for veterinary utilize as it were.

    Submit your requests now.

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  • COCCIFOR is a water-dissolvable combination of coccidiostats, anti-microbials, and nutrients. It additionally assists battle with focusing on circumstances and further develops execution in domesticated animals.

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