Abamet 18 EC Insecticide (Abamectin)


Abamet 18 EC is an insect poison that acts fundamentally by ingestions yet additionally has contact and translaminar movement implying that the dynamic fixing passes into the leaf tissue framing a harmful repository of Abamectin that keeps on killing vermin as they feed on the mesophyll tissue.

Item includes
Class: Acaricide/Miticide, Insecticide
Dynamic Ingredient: Abamectin 18g/l EC
Definition: Emulsifiable concentrate…
Depiction: Contact and translaminar method of activity.
Bundling size: 100ml.

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Abamet 18 EC Insecticide

Abamet 18 EC Insecticide is a main acaricide/insect spray and acts fundamentally by ingestions yet in addition has contact and translaminar movement. In this way, the dynamic fixing passes into the leaf tissue framing a harmful repository of Abamectin. Subsequently, bothers keep on winding up dead because of benefiting from the mesophyl tissue.

Abamet bug spray acts by invigorating the arrival of-aminobutyric corrosive, an inhibitory synapse, in this way causing loss of motion subsequently. Thus, it is exceptionally helpful for the control of specific bugs on cotton, citrus, apples, capsicums, jumps, pears, tomatoes, ornamentals and strawberries and local budworm on cotton.

Dynamic Ingredient: Abamectin 18g/l EC
Method of Action
The method of activity of abamet insect spray and acaricide with contact and stomach activity. Despite the fact that, it has restricted plant fundamental action, it additionally displays translaminar development by moving rapidly into leaves following application.

Significantly, exhaustive inclusion is accomplished so the most extreme measure of item can be kept on the leaf surface. Surely, this is for take-up and resulting ingestion by sucking parasites. From that point forward, item that isn’t consumed by leaves is immediately corrupted.

Utilizations of abamectin insect spray
First and foremost, for control of motile phases of parasites, leaf excavators, suckers, Colorado creepy crawlies, and so on ornamentals, cotton, citrus organic product, pome natural product, nut crops, vegetables, potatoes, and different yields.

Besides, it is additionally utilized for control of nematodes by seed treatment, and of fire subterranean insects.
Relevant Crops
There are a lot. For instance, Citrus

Natural products
Cotton and Ornamental
Target bothers
For instance, Mites

Diamondback moths
Bugs and Fire subterranean insects
Application Dosage
kg or L/ha: 0.50 – 0.75 g
mL/section of land: 200 – 300 g
mL/L of water: 0.5 – 1.0
PHI : (days) 7 to 30

Similarity: This item is viable with most regularly utilized insect sprays and fungicides. In any case, test all blends first prior to blending business amounts.

In this segment, we advise how to be protected.

Try not to swallow. It is toxic.
Will aggravate the eyes and skin.
Stay away from contact with eyes and skin.
Try not to breathe in shower fog.

Under field conditions permit the shower to dry on the foliage before reemergence into treated regions.
Try not to permit reemergence into treated regions in glasshouses for 24 hours after treatment.
Wear cotton overalls buttons to the neck and wrist and elbow length gloves at whatever point earlier section is vital.

Try not to apply under atmospheric conditions, or from splashing gear, since shower might float onto adjacent powerless plants/crops and editing terrains or fields.
Store in the shut unique holder in a cool, dry, and very much ventilated region.
Try not to store for delayed periods in direct daylight.

Abamet 18 EC Insecticide

Abamet 18 EC Insecticide


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