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Chicken Goggles (Anti-Cannibalism Tool | 1000 Pieces)


Your chickens have been pecking, battling, or tearing up their neighbors? Try not to stress over that, we have an extravagant present for your nose fighters.

Our chicken googles are hostile to primative apparatuses that fill in as eye security packs for holding chickens back from pecking each other. This at last assists with working on chicken wellbeing, survivability, and benefit.

Our chicken eyeglasses are made with great plastic materials, your birds will appreciate wearing them.

Utilizing this item, feather pecking and human flesh consumption become avoidable in poultry.

Purchase this extravagant (and supportive) present for your excellent birds today

Chicken Goggles Chicken Goggles (Anti-Cannibal...


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Chicken Goggles

Chicken Goggles, otherwise called chicken specs, chicken goggles, and so on are little eyeglasses made for chickens and is planned to forestall feather pecking and barbarianism.

Chicken goggles are utilized to keep rearing chickens from battling and pecking one another.

Note that when chickens put these red glasses on, their capacity to drink or eat isn’t endangered.

This item is hued in red since this specific shading will keep a chicken wearing them from perceiving blood on different chickens. In chickens (and other poultry), the presence of blood on a flockmate may build the inclination for strange harmful conduct like savagery and pecking.

Note that in spite of keeping chickens from perceiving neighbors’ blood, the red spoiled chicken goggles don’t keep the chickens from seeing their feed or water.

Chicken goggles are a fruitful choice for mouth managing, which is the expulsion of around 33% of the nose by a debeaker.

In spite of the fact that debeaking is frequently viable in lessening pecking wounds, it causes torment and effects affects chicken government assistance.

This item is reasonable for use in unfenced poultry, hens, chicken, turkey, peacock, and so on

Benefits of chicken goggles

It forestalls battles among chickens and can further develop the endurance rate to more than 97%

It lessens chicken gathering exercise and can save around 8-12% feed

The laying rate can increment by 15%

The items are great and reusable

Barbarianism in chickens

Barbarian conduct performed by poultry is the pecking, tearing, and devouring of skin, tissues or organs of herd mates.

Flare-ups of savagery happen in a wide range of lodging frameworks, including confines, floor pens, aviaries, unfenced groups.

It can happen among various kinds of poultry, including chickens, ducks, turkeys, quail, and birds.

Birds will show inhuman conduct when they are packed or feed-limited.

Benevolently note that the counteraction of savagery is a lot simpler than treatment. Get chicken goggles today to forestall human flesh consumption in your group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Chicken Goggles?

Chicken goggles, also known as chicken specs, are small eyeglasses designed to be worn by chickens. They are intended to prevent feather pecking and cannibalism (pecking at other chickens to the point of injury or death).

How do Chicken Goggles Work?

Chicken goggles are red-tinted. This color supposedly prevents chickens from seeing blood on other chickens, which can trigger aggressive pecking behavior.

Do Chicken Goggles Affect Eating and Drinking?

The design of chicken goggles allows chickens to eat and drink normally while wearing them.

Are Chicken Goggles Effective?

The effectiveness of chicken goggles in preventing pecking is debated. Some studies suggest a reduction in pecking, while others show minimal impact.

Are Chicken Goggles a Good Alternative to Debeaking?

Debeaking is the practice of trimming a chicken’s beak to reduce pecking. Chicken goggles can be a more humane alternative to debeaking, although their effectiveness might vary.

What types of poultry can wear Chicken Goggles?

Chicken goggles are typically marketed for use on chickens, hens, turkeys, peacocks, and other similar poultry.

Benefits of Chicken Goggles (Claimed):

  • Reduced fighting among chickens (up to 97% effectiveness, according to some claims)
  • Lessened chicken stress and feed waste (8-12% reduction claimed)
  • Increased egg laying rate (up to 15% increase claimed)
  • Reusable and cost-effective

What is Chicken Cannibalism?

Chicken cannibalism refers to the aggressive pecking, tearing, and sometimes even eating of flesh, tissues, or organs of other chickens in the flock. It can occur in various housing situations, including cages, pens, aviaries, and unfenced flocks.

What Causes Chicken Cannibalism?

Several factors can contribute to cannibalism in chickens, such as overcrowding, boredom, nutritional deficiencies, and stress.

Prevention vs. Treatment:

Preventing cannibalism through environmental enrichment, proper flock management, and addressing underlying causes is generally considered more effective than treating established pecking behavior.


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