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Clarias Juveniles (Jumbo | Standard | Regular | Special Maxi Brand)

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Supercharge your catfish farm with the next generation of aquatic success: Catfish Fingerlings! These tiny champions, measuring just 2-4 inches, hold the key to booming harvests, sustainable practices, and profitable returns. Let’s dive into their secrets:


  • Faster Growth: Fingerlings reach market size 50% quicker than fry, boosting your income cycle.
  • Reduced Mortality: Strong, resilient fingerlings have a higher survival rate, minimizing losses.
  • Disease Resistance: Fingerlings have developed natural defenses, protecting your pond from outbreaks.
  • Efficient Management: Easy to handle and transport, fingerlings simplify pond management and labor costs.
  • Sustainable Choice: Fingerlings reduce reliance on wild fish, promoting environmentally responsible aquaculture.
Clarias Juveniles Clarias Juveniles (Jumbo | Sta...

Original price was: ₦60.00.Current price is: ₦50.00.

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Clarias Juveniles

Clarias Juveniles is all around and suggested for ranchers raising smoked catfish or fish ranchers who raise their fishes for two to a half year.

They achieve a load of 1kg inside 5 to a half year.

We offer 20 adolescents for each 1000 bought.

They are very much suggested for new catfish ranchers.

We convey inside 3 weeks in the wake of putting in your request.

Clarias Juveniles

The Clarias adolescents have given an incredible lift to hydroponics and affected the occupations of numerous catfish ranchers. The Clarias spp can adjust to a wide assortment of conditions and is exceptionally open minded toward outrageous water conditions.

You will perceive the Clarias gariepinus by their barrel shaped body with scaleless skin, little eyes, extended cowardly dorsal blade, and straightened hard head.

The grown-up guys are effectively perceived by their unmistakable sexual papilla simply behind the rear-end.

They seem grayish-dark in shading with a smooth white underside.

The Clarias Spp (African Catfish) are barbarians. Henceforth, ranchers need to appropriately sort them into various sizes and put them in the fitting lakes.

Taking care of clarias adolescents

Taking care of live African catfish is simple on the grounds that, as long as the skin stays wet, they can remain alive for a long time out of water.

Contingent upon fish size and market interest, the fish might be steaked; fileted; or sold headed, destroyed, and cleaned.

Male African catfish display the best dressing and filet rate.

Contrasted with different species, C. gariepinus is low in lipid and considerably has no extraordinary character (smell and taste).

Smoked African catfish are likewise popular be on the grounds that they can be put away for longer periods without power while holding wholesome quality.

These fish are astoundingly strong.

Morphological attributes of catfish

Body stretch. Head huge, discouraged, and hard with little eyes. Restricted and rakish occipital interaction; gill openings wide; air-breathing labyrinthic organ emerging from gill curves; first gill curve with 24 to 110 gill rakers; cleithrum pointed, tight with longitudinal edges and with sharpness. Mouth terminal, enormous. Four sets of barbels are available. Long dorsal and butt-centric blades; without dorsal balance spine and fat balance. Foremost edge of pectoral spine serrated. Caudal balance adjusted. Shading fluctuates from sandy-yellow through dim to olive with dull greenish-earthy colored markings, tummy white.


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