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Premium Japanese Koi Carp (Ornamental Fish)


Elevate your pond or water garden with the exquisite allure of premium Japanese koi carp. These living jewels, renowned for their beauty, symbolism, and resilience, are more than just fish – they are captivating works of art and harbingers of good fortune.

Benefits of Premium Japanese Koi Carp:

  • Unmatched Beauty: Premium koi boast vibrant colors, intricate markings, and sleek, aerodynamic bodies. They are a living canvas of nature’s artistry, guaranteed to captivate any viewer.
  • Symbolism and Feng Shui: Koi represents abundance, perseverance, and positive energy. They are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to their owners, making them popular choices for ponds and water gardens.
  • Longevity and Hardiness: Koi can live for over 50 years with proper care. Their hardiness and adaptability make them suitable for a variety of pond environments.
  • Investment Potential: High-quality koi can be valuable investments. As they grow and their colors develop, their worth can increase significantly.
Premium Japanese Koi Carp Premium Japanese Koi Carp (Orn...


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Premium Japanese Koi Carp

Our Premium Japanese Koi Carp is accessible in single, twofold and different shadings. They are very much suggested for Fountains, huge aquariums, garden pools, and so on

Least request is 20 pieces

The normal age is 16 to 17 weeks

Normal sizes incorporate 6-7cm, 9-10cm, and 14 to 15 cm

The Japanese Koi Carp

Koi are hued assortments of normal carp (Cyprinus carpio) that are saved for enlivening purposes in outside lakes, water nurseries, and aquariums. It is a casual gathering of the shaded variations of the carp with a few elaborate assortments perceived by the Japanese.


“Koi” begins from Japan, signifying “carp”. It incorporates both the dull dim fish and the splendidly shaded assortments. Koi assortments are recognized by shading, designing, and scalation. A portion of the significant shadings are white, dark, red, orange, yellow, blue, and cream.

The executives

The normal carp is a strong fish, and koi hold that toughness. Koi are cold-water fish, however advantageous from being kept in the 15-25 °C (59–77 °F) range. With appropriate consideration, they oppose a significant number of the parasites that influence more touchy exotic fish species, for example, Trichodina, Epistylis, and Ichthyophthirius multifilis. Water pH is significant for keeping up with koi’s well-being.

Taking care of

Koi are omnivorous fish and eat a wide assortment of food varieties. Normally, they are bottom dwellers with a mouth arrangement adjusted for that. Some koi tend to eat for the most part from the base, accordingly, food makers make a blended sinking and drifting mix of food to urge them to the surface. In this manner, the fish can be inspected for parasites and ulcers when they come up to take care of.

Koi regularly have great visual sharpness and consequently perceive the people taking care of them and accumulate around them at taking care of times. They can be prepared to take food from one’s hand.

Taking care of them isn’t suggested when the water temperature dips under 10°C (50°F), notwithstanding, their hunger improves as the water turns out to be warm.



Least request: 20 pieces.

We convey to every one of the states in Nigeria.


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