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Coccinor Anti-cocci (Sulphaquinoxaline BP+Diaveridine BP+Vitamin K+Vitamin E+Nicotinamide)


Coccinor is an anti-cocci drug that treats animal diseases. One of them is Coccidiosis, a commonplace infectious disorder of broiler chickens because of single-celled Eimeria protozoan parasites, typically called coccidia. Purchase Coccinor today and preserve your animals secure and healthy.

Features of Coccinor Anti-cocci:

  • Combats coccidiosis: Effectively targets and eliminates coccidia parasites, the root cause of coccidiosis in poultry and other animal.
  • Dual-action formula: Combines sulfadiazine and sulfamerazine for broad-spectrum antibacterial action against secondary infections.
  • Promotes gut health: Diaveridine, a synergetic antibacterial agent, helps restore normal gut flora and improve digestion.
  • Boosts immunity: Essential vitamins A and E support immune function and overall animal health.
  • Improves growth and performance: By controlling coccidiosis and promoting gut health, Coccinor optimizes feed utilization and leads to better weight gain and egg production.
Coccinor Anti-cocci Coccinor Anti-cocci (Sulphaqui...


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Coccinor is an anti-cocci drug that treats animal diseases. One of them is Coccidiosis, a common infectious disease of broiler chickens caused by unmarried-celled Eimeria protozoan parasites, typically called coccidia.

Coccidiosis signs and symptoms include slowed boom, a high percentage of visibly unwell birds, extreme diarrhea, and a high mortality fee. The quantity of food and water consumed is low. Weight loss, culling, reduced egg manufacturing, and better mortality may occur because of outbreaks.

IT is an aggregate of sulpha-organization antibacterial and coccidiocidal medicines, in addition to the synergetic antibacterial medicine piperidine and two critical vitamins E and K for the treatment of hemorrhagic lesions and other coccidial illnesses present in livestock and poultry.

Functions of Coccinor Anti-cocci:

  • Treatment: Effectively treats existing coccidiosis outbreaks, alleviating symptoms like diarrhea, weight loss, and reduced egg production.
  • Prevention: Regular administration helps prevent coccidia infections before they can take hold, safeguarding your flock’s health.
  • Improved feed efficiency: By optimizing gut health and reducing parasite burden, Coccinor helps animals extract maximum nutrients from their feed, leading to improved feed conversion ratios.
  • Reduced mortality and morbidity: By controlling coccidiosis, Coccinor minimizes animal mortality and morbidity associated with the disease.


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