Coco Force Fungicide (Copper Oxide 69 % + Cymoxanil 4.2% WP)


Coco Force Fungicide

Shield your precious cocoa and potato harvests from devastating fungal diseases with CocoForce Fungicide. This potent contact and systemic formula tackles blights, downy mildew, and bacterial infections, promoting robust plant growth and bountiful yields. Boost your farm’s resilience and profitability with CocoForce – the champion in crop protection.

Features of Coco Force Fungicide:

  • Powerful fungicide for cocoa and potatoes
  • Combats blights, downy mildew, and bacterial diseases
  • Contact and systemic action for lasting protection
  • Promotes healthy plant growth and maximizes yields
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Coco Force Fungicide

Fungal foes trembling? They should be! CocoForce Fungicide is a farmer’s best friend in the fight against yield-robbing fungal diseases. This broad-spectrum champion safeguards your cocoa and potato crops from a range of nasty threats, including:

  • Late blight: This notorious potato pathogen can decimate fields in a blink. CocoForce steps in, halting its spread and protecting precious tubers.
  • Black pod: This cocoa nightmare causes pods to rot and fall, leading to significant losses. CocoForce strikes back, preventing infection and ensuring a healthy harvest.
  • Downy mildew: This destructive fungal disease weakens leaves and stunts plant growth. CocoForce’s potent punch keeps it at bay, promoting vigorous foliage and optimal yields.
  • Bacterial diseases: Don’t let bacterial blights steal your profits. CocoForce’s dual-action formula combats these harmful invaders, safeguarding your crops.

But CocoForce isn’t just a one-trick pony. Its secret weapon lies in its dual-mode action:

  • Contact action: Fungicidal power on contact, stopping fungal spores in their tracks before they can invade.
  • Systemic action: Absorbed by plants, CocoForce travels through their vascular system, providing long-lasting protection from within.

This one-two punch delivers superior protection against a wider range of fungal and bacterial enemies. Plus, CocoForce is:

  • Rainfast: Sticks to the job, even after showers.
  • Photostable: Stays potent under the sun’s harsh rays.
  • Easy to use: Mixes readily and applies smoothly for hassle-free application.

Investing in CocoForce Fungicide is an investment in your farm’s future. Protect your crops, maximize your yields, and watch your profits soar.

Order your CocoForce Fungicide today and experience the power of a healthier, more productive harvest!


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