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Commercial SAYED Broilers (Day-Old Chicks)


Our day-old Sayed chicks have been raised in a clean, environment with strong biosecurity standards, and from parent stock of the highest caliber.

Before sending them out, we make sure they have the correct vaccinations for their age.
The Sayed broilers’ outstanding growth rate, high feed conversion ratio, livability, and good dressing weight make them desirable as day-old broilers.
The cost is indicated for a carton containing 50 chicks.

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Commercial SAYED Broilers (Day-Old Chicks) Commercial SAYED Broilers (Day...


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Commercial SAYED Broilers (Day-Old Chicks)

SAYED Hatching Eggs and Day Old Chick Distribution

To meet the rising demand for high-quality white meat, the Sayed broilers were created through a successful breeding and selection procedure. This has made sure that the final products are consistent and valuable.

Excellent broiler performance, efficient and reliable parent performance, and a high processing yield have all contributed to the Sayed broilers’ production. Buy Day-Old Chicks SAYED
Breeder farms, hatcheries, poultry farmers, and customers all profit from using them.
As a result, in markets where broilers are still primarily sold whole, the shape of its breast is certain to catch the attention of customers.

More advice on raising broilers
The concrete and bedding should be warm enough when the chicks arrive because their bodies will be in contact with the ground. If the floor temperatures are not adequate, the chicks will likely huddle together, especially if the heat source is insufficient. Preheat the sheds three days before placement.
Wood shavings make the best bedding. So make sure there are no foreign objects (like glass or metal) and that the bedding is dry.
Always keep a close eye on your birds to maintain a healthy distribution of chicks and flock activity.
Follow the immunization and medicine regimen exactly as it was supplied to your email after purchase.
enlist the assistance of knowledgeable veterinary professionals.

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