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  • Place an order for day-old Noiler chickens (AMO Brand) and have them delivered to you.

    50 chicks in a carton are included in this pricing. As many cartons as you need can be purchased.
    Orders for noilers must be placed in advance and may be delivered within two to three weeks of order confirmation. Based on the current situation, deliveries might also happen sooner.
    Before their items are sent, customers will receive text and phone calls assuring their availability for pickup.
    Please reserve a room in advance.

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  • Our day-old chicks are raised in a clean, sanitary environment with rigorous biosecurity standards and are descended from superior parent stock. We also make sure kids receive the appropriate vaccinations for their age.

    For food, cockerels are raised. Depending on the caliber of management offered, it can take them anywhere from six months to a year to fully grow. We provide premium day-old black cockerels that are livable, disease-resistant, and have a remarkable growth rate and feed conversion ratio.

    The cost is indicated for a carton containing 50 chicks.
    Upon successful order placement, a schedule for immunization and medication will be sent to your email.
    Please note that we adjust the prices of our day-old chicks twice a week based on the current market rates.

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  • Our day-old Sayed chicks have been raised in a clean, environment with strong biosecurity standards, and from parent stock of the highest caliber.

    Before sending them out, we make sure they have the correct vaccinations for their age.
    The Sayed broilers’ outstanding growth rate, high feed conversion ratio, livability, and good dressing weight make them desirable as day-old broilers.
    The cost is indicated for a carton containing 50 chicks.

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  • We provide ISA Brown pullets, which are obtained from CHI Hatcheries. The ISA Brown is a fantastic option for commercial egg producers due to its excellent livability, quality, and output.

    The ISA Brown is noted as a breed with exceptional performance that consistently produces robust and dependable results. Extensive testing with this product demonstrates that the ISA Brown can lay 500 high-quality eggs and has excellent feed conversion.
    ISA Brown adjusts effectively to various climatic conditions, managerial frameworks, and housing structures. This adds up to dependable performance and a good feed conversion ratio for commercial egg producers.
    A carton of 50 chicks is included in the price that is shown.
    Please reserve your orders in advance.

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