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Yammfy Day-Old Cockerel Chicks


Yammfy Day-Old Cockerel Chicks stand out as a cost-effective investment compared to broilers, requiring less upkeep and thriving under diverse management practices. Their remarkable hardiness makes them well-suited for even challenging environmental conditions, ensuring minimal losses and maximizing your returns.

Embark on a profitable poultry venture with Yammfy Day-Old Cockerel Chicks, meticulously selected for their exceptional vigor, adaptability, and resilience. These robust chicks promise to be the cornerstone of your poultry success, offering a range of compelling benefits.

Yammfy Day-Old Cockerel Chicks Yammfy Day-Old Cockerel Chicks


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Compared to broilers, Yammfy Day-Old Cockerel Chicks are less expensive to purchase and maintain, and they do well in most management situations.

They can withstand harsh environmental conditions quite well. As a result, we frequently suggest them for brand-new free-range poultry farms.

Characteristics of Yammfy Young Cockerel Chicks
An uncastrated male chicken known as a cockerel is a juvenile rooster. It’s unclear exactly when a chicken changes from being a cockerel to a rooster, but in general, a rooster is an adult bird that has mated with hens and is fully developed, whereas a cockerel is either young or inexperienced with hens.
A castrated cockerel develops into a capon.

Capons differ physically from roosters and cockerels and do not develop the same way as uncastrated birds. They also tend to be calmer and easier to manage.
excellent adaptability to all climates.
capable of adapting to different management and housing (battery cages, deep litter, free range).

A cockerel will be happiest once he develops into a rooster and has a flock of hens to tend to.

Exceptional Growth Potential:

Nurture these day-old chicks into thriving cockerels, ready for meat production within six to twelve months. Their rapid growth rate ensures a quick turnaround for your investment, while their succulent meat quality is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Adaptable to Diverse Management Systems:

Whether you opt for battery cages, deep litter systems, or free-range practices, Yammfy Day-Old Cockerel Chicks seamlessly adapt to your preferred management style. Their adaptability ensures optimal performance and productivity, regardless of your chosen approach.

Enhance Your Poultry Farm’s Reputation:

By raising Yammfy Day-Old Cockerel Chicks, you’ll not only reap financial rewards but also establish your poultry farm as a symbol of quality and sustainability. These chicks are renowned for their superior health and vitality, contributing to your farm’s reputation as a trusted source of premium poultry products.

Join the Yammfy Success Story:

Numerous poultry farmers across Nigeria have experienced remarkable success with Yammfy Day-Old Cockerel Chicks. Join their ranks and witness firsthand the transformative potential of these exceptional chicks.

Embrace Yammfy and Elevate Your Poultry Venture to New Heights:

With Yammfy Day-Old Cockerel Chicks, you’re not just investing in chicks; you’re investing in a future of poultry farming excellence. Embrace Yammfy today and embark on a journey of unparalleled productivity and profit.


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