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AMO Noilers (Commercial Dual-Purpose Day Old Chicks) Rated 4.71 out of 5


Place an order for day-old Noiler chickens (AMO Brand) and have them delivered to you.

50 chicks in a carton are included in this pricing. As many cartons as you need can be purchased.
Orders for noilers must be placed in advance and may be delivered within two to three weeks of order confirmation. Based on the current situation, deliveries might also happen sooner.
Before their items are sent, customers will receive text and phone calls assuring their availability for pickup.
Please reserve a room in advance.

AMO Noilers AMO Noilers (Commercial Dual-P...


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Broiler and cockerel hybrids called noiler chickens are produced. As a result, they grow a lot of meat like broiler chickens, are quite hardy like cockers, and can withstand the majority of frequent poultry diseases.

Recently, they were introduced to the Nigerian market to help many farmers raise chickens more easily.

You can combine the advantages of broilers and cockerels with male Noiler chickens. If given a high-quality diet and properly managed, noilers can reach a weight of up to 2.5 kilos in 12 to 16 weeks.

Kuroilers, Noilers, and Croilers are multicolored birds raised for both egg and meat production.
At 13 weeks old, these birds are fully grown, weighing about 2.2kg for females and 2.6kg for males. About 5 months after starting to lay, the females produce 150–200 eggs every year. You need an incubator if you wish to hatch because females do not brood their eggs.
The meat characteristics of cockerels and broilers are combined in these hybrids, which also eat a lot and grow quickly.
The local chicken has several colors, just like the Kuroilers.
For the first five days, administer vitamins and antibiotics (such as Enrofloxacin and Vitalyte).
Make sure they have everyday access to enough food and drink.
Call your veterinarian to schedule regular vaccinations for them based on the suggested schedules.
Before or after vaccination, always give them a multivitamin.
After the initial deworming, be careful to deworm them every month or as your veterinarian advises.
They can have medications after the vaccine day but not the day of the vaccination.


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