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Commercial Day-Old Kuroiler Chicks (Grinphield Brand)


Get ready for explosive poultry profits with Grinphield’s Commercial Day-Old Kuroiler Chicks! These hybrid champions boast rapid growth, robust health, and exceptional meat quality. Reach market weight in just 12-16 weeks and minimize disease risks for a booming poultry operation.


  • Low Feed Conversion Ratio: Get more bang for your buck with efficient feed utilization, leading to cost savings and increased profitability.
  • Hardy & Easy to Manage: These low-maintenance chicks require minimal special care, making them ideal for both experienced and beginner poultry farmers.
  • Sustainable Choice: Raise chickens with lower environmental impact thanks to their fast growth and efficient feed conversion.
Commercial Day-Old Kuroiler Chicks Commercial Day-Old Kuroiler Ch...


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Kuroiler chickens are a cross of the cockerel and broiler breeds. As a result, they grow a lot of meat like broiler chickens, are quite hardy against adversity like cockerels, and can endure the majority of frequent poultry diseases.

Elevate your poultry game with the powerhouse performance of Grinphield’s Commercial Day-Old Kuroiler Chicks. This revolutionary hybrid combines the best of both worlds:

  • Broiler-like Growth: Achieve a market weight of 2.5kg in just 12-16 weeksoutpacing traditional breeds and maximizing your profit potential.
  • Cockerel-like Resilience: Enjoy superior disease resistance and adaptability to harsh environmentsminimizing losses and boosting your bottom line.
  • Exceptional Meat Quality: Savor delicious, tender meat with minimal fat, perfect for thriving in today’s health-conscious market.

Invest in your poultry future with Grinphield’s Commercial Day-Old Kuroiler Chicks! Order your chicks today and unlock the door to unprecedented poultry success.


Please count your birds while the driver is still present before departing from the delivery location.

Day-old chicks and poults are not covered by any warranty or guarantee by Afrimash.

scheduled for delivery to destinations that are far away.
which suffer fatalities after arriving at fields and moving forward
For routine observation and treatment, we advise hiring licensed vets (as well as consulting the recommended vaccine and medication schedule).
Please be aware that our day-old chick pricing is changed twice weekly in accordance with the current market rates.


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