Digital Water Quality Tester (Total Dissolved Solids TDS Meter 3)


Digital Water Quality Tester is demonstrated for estimating the complete disintegrated solids of an answer (the grouping of broken up strong particles.) which an abundance of 1000mg/L is by and large thought to be ill-suited for human utilization.

Benefits of a Digital Water Quality Tester:

  • Peace of mind: Know exactly what’s lurking in your water.
  • Improved health: Avoid harmful contaminants that can cause illness.
  • Save money: Monitor filter performance and extend their lifespan.
  • Versatile: Use for drinking water, pools, aquariums, hydroponics, and more!
  • Easy to use: Get instant, accurate readings with simple operation.
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Digital Water Quality Tester

Investing in a digital water quality tester is an investment in your health and well-being. This compact device empowers you to take control of your water quality, revealing hidden impurities that might otherwise go unnoticed.
The TDS 3 handheld digital water quality tester comes with a carrying case, features a rugged design and build, and is an ideal tool that can be used for applications ranging from water purification to hydroponics to industrial wastewater treatment. It is indicated in the measurement of the total dissolved solids in water.

Dissolved ionized solids (salts and minerals) increase the electrical conductivity of solutions. As it is a volume measure of ionized solids, EC can be used to estimate TDS. Dissolved organic solids, such as sugar, and microscopic solid particles, such as colloids, do not significantly affect the conductivity of a solution and thus are not taken into account.

Functions of a Digital Water Quality Tester:

  • TDS meter: Measures total dissolved solids, indicating overall water purity.
  • pH meter: Checks acidity/alkalinity, crucial for healthy drinking water and aquarium life.
  • Conductivity meter: Detects dissolved minerals and salts, impacting taste and appliance performance.
  • Temperature meter: Monitors water temperature for optimal usage in various applications.

How it Works:

Simply dip the probe of your tester into the water and watch the readings appear on the digital display. Different testers offer various combinations of parameters, so choose one that suits your needs.


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