Motorized Multipurpose Knapsack Weeder (Rotary | 2/4-Stroke Engine)


Motorized Multipurpose Knapsack Weeder is planned as an appropriate option for financial soil development. It is demonstrated for use on little fields, and harsh territories. wrinkle edges, nurseries, maize fields, plantations, gardens, and so forth

Every arrangement of this crucial multipurpose machine accompanies choices for plowing, weeding, cutting, and so on

It is additionally empowered for back carriage with adaptable force choices.

Sympathetically watch the appended video for test utilizes in field tasks.

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Motorized Multipurpose Knapsack Weeder

This fuel controlled multipurpose development is all-around adjusted for ranch clearing, weeding, and plowing to lessen the weight of work and drudgery.

Mechanical weed control

Weed control is one of the most troublesome undertakings on a rural ranch. Weeds diminish ranch usefulness, they attack crops, cover pastures, and at times can be destructive to domesticated animals. They forcefully go after water, supplements, and daylight, bringing about diminished harvest yield and helpless yield quality. Mechanical weed control is handily embraced by ranchers once they get persuaded of its benefits. This machine evacuates weeds as well as keeps the dirt surface free, guaranteeing better soil air circulation and water consumption limit.

Benefits of Motorized Multipurpose Knapsack Weeder

Weeding by mechanized weeders lessens the expense of work and furthermore saves time (as against conventional hand weeding).

The incredible 4-cycle motor twists the prongs twice as quick as different turners

Finger-controlled choke for boundless speed control and simplicity of activity

The interesting, breathtaking prongs can be utilized to work down 10 inches down. Or on the other hand, essentially turn the prongs around to shallow develop the main 2 to 3 crawls of soil

It comprises of connector arms to invigorate diving movement in a specific course of action to robotize this errand.

This framework is comprised of high-power engine, couplings, connector arms, mounts and joints, screws, haggles, battery, handles to hold the weeder

Every arrangement is adjusted for cutting, weeding, brushing, plowing and collecting

Motor parts

Motor: 4-cycle, Knapsack

Fuel Use: #90 unlead gas

Uprooting: 35.8cc | Ignition: CDI

Power:0.85Kw-1.95kw/2.5HP | Start framework: Recoil

Handle: Loop handle | Belt: Single belt


Working width: 32-37cm

Working profundity: 8-13cm

Working shaft: Splitting sort

Transmission shaft: Square

The measurement of the aluminum pipe: 26mm

Extra parts incorporate

Cutting defender, tool compartment, aluminum cut head, cut rope, 40T cutting plate, motor, revolving shaft, weeding wheels, plowing sharp edges, associating bars, rucksack, manual and so forth


Pressing size:34*32*44cm (machine) +155*12*12cm (bars)


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