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Principal arrangement
Carbofuran 3 % g.

Worm force/Furadan has a place with the carbamate family.

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Furadan is a fundamental item with overwhelmingly contact and stomach wide range. It fills in as a bug spray, nematicide. It is a wide range, gastrointestinal fundamental insect poison in which plants ingest it through the roots, and from here the plant spreads it across its organs including stems and leaves, and natural product where insect poison focuses are reached. It is utilized to screen bugs in an extensive variety of field crops, including tomatoes, corn and soya.

It is applied to the dirt for demonstrated administration of rootworm while planting and keeping in mind that the harvest develops. What’s more, Furadan manages dark worms, wireworms, rootworms and slimy parasites in-ground. It is a fundamental item to guard your plants.

A portion of the advantages related with Furadan
This item is utilized as an in-wrinkle groundwork for planting.
It has no negative responses when applied to edit plants.
It has a unique science with the plants that works by contact or retention.
How Furadan is bundled
This item comes in 1 Kg/10 pieces/CTN.

Contact and fundamental insect spray and nematicide for the control of soil bugs

Measurement/the way things are utilized
It is prudent to utilize a 15ml sprayer while applying. Utilize 7-10kg/ha while utilizing the telecom application.


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