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Nuzaka F1 Cabbage Seeds


cabbage cultivation:

  1. Prepare the soil by tilling it to a depth of 12 inches and adding compost or manure.
  2. Sow the seeds directly in the ground, spacing them 12 inches apart.
  3. Water the seeds regularly and keep the soil moist.
  4. Thin the seedlings to 18 inches apart when they are 6 inches tall.
  5. Fertilize the plants every 2 weeks with a balanced fertilizer.
  6. Water the plants regularly, especially during hot weather.
  7. Harvest the cabbages when the heads are firm and solid.

To cultivate Nuzaka F1 cabbage, simply prepare the soil, sow the seeds, water regularly, fertilize, and harvest when the heads are firm and solid.

Order your Nuzaka F1 cabbage seeds today and start growing high-quality cabbage for your fresh market or processing business!

Nuzaka F1 Cabbage Seeds Nuzaka F1 Cabbage Seeds


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Nuzaka F1 Cabbage Seeds

Nuzaka F1 is a hybrid cabbage variety that is well-suited for tropical low- and mid-land areas. It is a vigorous and early-maturing variety, producing large heads within a short period. The heads are semi-flat in shape, firm, and medium in color.

Benefits of Nuzaka F1 Cabbage:

  • High yield
  • Early maturity
  • Good resistance to pests and diseases
  • Tolerant to hot and humid conditions
  • Suitable for fresh market and processing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Nuzaka F1 Cabbage Seeds:

What are Nuzaka F1 Cabbage Seeds?

Nuzaka F1 is a hybrid cabbage variety specifically bred for success in tropical low- and mid-land areas.

What are the benefits of Nuzaka F1 Cabbage Seeds?

  • High Yield: Expect a plentiful harvest of cabbages.
  • Early Maturity: Enjoy mature cabbages in a shorter timeframe compared to some varieties.
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Nuzaka F1 boasts good resistance to common cabbage problems.
  • Heat and Humidity Tolerance: Thrives in warm and humid climates.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both fresh market sales and processing.

How long does it take for Nuzaka F1 cabbage to mature?

Nuzaka F1 is known for its early maturity, typically maturing within 60-65 days after planting.

What are semi-flat cabbage heads?

Semi-flat heads, as opposed to round or pointed heads, offer a slightly flattened shape on top while maintaining a compact structure.

Are Nuzaka F1 Cabbage Seeds suitable for my climate?

Nuzaka F1 excels in tropical low- and mid-land areas with hot and humid conditions.


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