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Parsley Commun 2 Seeds | 100g


Parsley Commun 2 Seeds

A superior Technisem hybrid seed is parsley. Belongs to a group of cultivars that stand out for their extraordinary output and leaf flavor.

It is also sometimes called garden parsley.

Parsley Commun 2 Seeds Features:

  • Unparalleled Flavor: Experience an explosion of taste with Parsley Commun 2, boasting a more intense aroma and richer flavor than its counterparts.

  • Abundant Harvest: Enjoy a bountiful harvest throughout the spring and summer months, ensuring a steady supply of fresh parsley for your culinary creations.

  • Easy Cultivation: Thrive in a variety of soil conditions and thrive under both full sun and partial shade, making them ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners.

  • Versatility in the Kitchen: Elevate a wide range of dishes with the vibrant freshness of Parsley Commun 2, adding a touch of elegance to soups, salads, sauces, and more.

Parsley Commun 2 Seeds Parsley Commun 2 Seeds | 100g


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Parsley Commun 2 Seeds

Indulge your passion for culinary excellence with Parsley Commun 2 Seeds, the key to unlocking a world of vibrant flavors and aromatic delights. Renowned for its exceptional productivity and intense taste, this heirloom variety of Italian flat-leaf parsley is a must-have for any herb enthusiast’s garden.

Characteristics Of Common Parsley Seeds
The tall height of parsley, a biennial herbaceous plant, ranges from 30 to 100 cm.
Large, smooth, deeply dentate leaf blades are supported by robust, rigid, juicy stems.
Annual plants include parsley.
The plant’s entire body has uses.
Advantages Of Parsley Commun 2 Seeds
For use in soups, meat, sauces, and other dishes, fresh “Commun 2” leaf parsley can be collected for virtually the entire summer.

The leaves of this particular type are filled with substances that stimulate the appetite and control the digestive system.
They are also abundant in folic acid, vitamin C, carotenoids, calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium.
rich in essential oils, vitamins, and minerals that have positive benefits on your health.
The historic usage of parsley seed as a carminative to ease colic and gas pain.
Additionally, oil has been employed in the management of amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea to control menstrual flow.
Planting Parsley Commun 2 Seeds
The shrub produces umbels of tiny, yellow blooms.
Even if you soak the seed in water for an entire night, germination is quite slow.
Given that germination is so sluggish, cover the seeds with earth and mark the rows. The parsley seeds that are sprouting resemble thin blades of grass.
Maintain consistent moisture levels for the plants as they develop, and fertilize them once or twice using a 5-10-5 fertilizer.
Depending on the variety, your sprouting parsley seeds should be ready for harvesting as soon as they are a few inches tall and can develop up to 100 cm tall.
The plant will keep growing all season long if you just remove the outer stems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Parsley Commun 2 Seeds

What are Parsley Commun 2 Seeds?

Parsley Commun 2 Seeds are an heirloom variety of Italian flat-leaf parsley known for its exceptional productivity and intense flavor.

What are the benefits of Parsley Commun 2 Seeds?

  • High Yield: Produces a high volume of leaves throughout the summer.
  • Strong Flavor: Offers a more intense taste compared to other parsley varieties.
  • Health Benefits: Rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential oils with potential health benefits.
  • Versatility: Can be used in various dishes like soups, meats, sauces, and more.
  • Easy to Grow: Requires minimal care and thrives in most climates.

How tall does Parsley Commun 2 grow?

Parsley Commun 2 can grow between 30 to 100 cm (12 – 39 inches) tall.

How long does it take for Parsley Commun 2 Seeds to germinate?

Parsley seed germination is known to be slow. Even with overnight soaking, it can take several weeks to see sprouts.

How do I care for Parsley Commun 2 plants?

  • Water regularly to maintain consistent moisture.
  • Fertilize once or twice during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer like 5-10-5.
  • Harvest outer stems regularly to encourage continuous growth throughout the season.

When can I harvest Parsley Commun 2?

You can harvest parsley leaves once they reach a few inches tall. The plant will continue producing leaves throughout the season if you keep harvesting.


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