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Poultry Water Pipe Hook (Hang



  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Keeps water fresh and accessible
  • Prevents water waste
  • Keeps poultry healthy
  • poultry water system


  • Peace of mind knowing your poultry have access to fresh water
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Saves time and money on water bills
  • Improves the health and well-being of your poultry
  • poultry water supply

Order your Poultry Water Pipe Hook today and keep your poultry hydrated and healthy!

Poultry Water Pipe Hook (Hang Poultry Water Pipe Hook (Hang


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Poultry Water Pipe Hook

Keep your poultry’s water supply fresh and accessible with the Poultry Water Pipe Hook. This simple yet effective device allows you to hang a water pipe at the perfect height for your chickens, ducks, or other poultry. The hook is made of durable materials and is easy to install, so you can have it up and running in no time.

The Poultry Water Pipe Hook is a great way to prevent water waste and keep your poultry healthy. By changing the water pipe to the right height, you can ensure that your poultry can easily reach it and drink as much water as they need. The hook also helps to keep the water clean and free of debris.

Poultry water pipe snare is a fundamental apparatus utilized in poultry watering frameworks to suspend water pipes.

This item fills in as a water level agent and is exceptionally productive in setting the right slant and line level of the watering framework.

Item includes
Material: ABS plastic material
Variety: Yellow
Relevant water pipe distance across 20mm, 25mm
Appropriate for: Poultry watering frameworks, bird water fountain

Line Heights
Line level assumes a key part in controlling water squandering, litter conditions, and bird execution. Since birds drink by basically shifting their heads back, they need the consumer line to be at the appropriate level so their heads will be reached out in the right position and they can drink all the more without any problem.

Assuming the line is excessively low, the greater part of the water winds up in the litter, bringing about higher fuel and energy expenses to dry it out.
Too low a drinking line can likewise lead to extreme medical problems if an excessive amount of water is caught inside the litter.
Assuming the line is excessively high, birds can peck at the trigger as opposed to actuating it appropriately, so they don’t drink sufficient water. This will consequently bring about unfortunate weight and development execution.
The simplest method for deciding whether the level is appropriate is to watch the birds intently. If they sit to drink, the line is excessively low. Assuming that they stretch their necks straight up, stand on their toes, or jump, the line is excessively high.
Some age rules can likewise assist you with deciding the appropriate line level.
For day-old chicks, consumers ought to be simply above eye level and the animal dwelling place ought to be lit all around ok that the chicks are attracted to the sparkly metal pin so they figure out how to drink from the areolas.
Toward the finish of development, birds ought to be easily coming towards the lower part of the trigger pin to drink.
Day-old chicks Eye-level
2-3 days 30-45⁰
4-10 days 60⁰
10 days – develop out 70-80⁰

Lopsided floors make reliable level change almost incomprehensible, so it’s critical that floors are smooth and level.

A progressive grade is alright the same length as it isn’t more noteworthy than 4 creeps of drop.
If more prominent than 4 inches, they’re thought of as “slanted lines” and should be dealt with a tad in an unexpected way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Poultry Water Pipe Hooks

What is a Poultry Water Pipe Hook?

A Poultry Water Pipe Hook is a simple device used in poultry watering systems to hang water pipes at the appropriate height for chickens, ducks, or other birds. It acts as a water level adjuster, ensuring the water line is positioned correctly for optimal drinking.

What are the benefits of using a Poultry Water Pipe Hook?

  • Prevents water waste: By setting the correct water line height, you minimize water spillage into the litter, reducing water consumption and potential hygiene issues.
  • Maintains poultry health: Proper water access is crucial for poultry health and development. The hook ensures birds can easily drink the water they need.
  • Easy to use and install: Made from durable materials, the hook is simple to install and adjust, making it a convenient solution for poultry watering systems.

What are the key features of the Poultry Water Pipe Hook?

  • Material: ABS plastic (typically)
  • Color: Yellow (common)
  • Compatible pipe diameter: 20mm and 25mm (verify specific product details)
  • Applications: Poultry watering systems, bird water fountains

Why is water line height important for poultry?

Water line height plays a crucial role in:

  • Water waste control: Incorrect height can lead to water spillage, increasing litter moisture and requiring more frequent cleaning.
  • Litter conditions: Excessive water in the litter can create an unhealthy environment for birds.
  • Bird health and performance:
    • If the water line is too low, birds struggle to drink, leading to dehydration and potential health problems.
    • If the line is too high, birds might peck at the water instead of triggering it, resulting in insufficient water intake and affecting their growth and development.

How to determine the correct water line height?

Observe your birds’ behavior:

  • If they sit to drink, the line is too low.
  • If they stretch their necks excessively or jump to reach the water, the line is too high.

Here’s a general guideline for different bird ages:

  • Day-old chicks: Eye level
  • 2-3 days: 30-45⁰ angle
  • 4-10 days: 60⁰ angle
  • 10 days onwards: 70-80⁰ angle


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