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Pumpkin Seeds (Ugu)


Pumpkin Seeds (Ugu) are edible and are usually consumed roasted. Order your pumpkin seeds right away.


Since the vine can develop a disease, careful watering is crucial.
Make sure to plant the seeds correctly when the time comes.

Pumpkin Seeds (Ugu) Pumpkin Seeds (Ugu)


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Any farmer who grows Pumpkin Seeds (Ugu) needs to have these pumpkin seeds on hand. Before you start, remember that you’ll need a lot of area in your backyard to space out the seeds. Aspiring pumpkin growers who don’t have a lot of outdoor space might prefer to stick to the pumpkin patch or store.

It can take a lot of work to care for Pumpkin Seeds (Ugu) once they are planted, but if you establish a pattern, your farm will soon be producing large orange pumpkin fruits and veggies.

where to place the seeds for pumpkins
Choose a planting location that receives plenty of sunlight. Because pumpkins love soil that is not overly wet, keep in mind that the soil should be able to drain.

You’ll need to clear a sizable area of your farm because the pumpkins will require space to grow.

You can use a kit to test the pH of your soil, which should be between 6 and 6.8. Ensure that the area is free of weeds, insects, and pests: Two weeks prior to planting, you can apply weed block to prevent weeds from growing by letting them naturally wither.

Pumpkin Seeds (Ugu) planting season
Late May to early July is the optimal period to plant to ensure maximum productivity.


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