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Relambda Insecticide (lambda cyhalothrin 2.5 EC) 1 Litre


Relambda Insecticide is a non-fundamental pyrethroid bug spray and acaricid with contact and stomach activity. It contains 25 gramms of Lambda-Cyhalothrin per liter as an emulsifying specialist. It has repellent properties and is exceptionally powerful against a wide scope of irritations in farming.

Relambda Insecticide Relambda Insecticide (lambda c...


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Relambda Insecticide

Relambda Insecticide is a fluid insect spray known as manufactured pyrethroids. Engineered pyrethroids are man-made insect sprays made to copy the substance properties of the normally happening insect spray pyrethrum, which comes from the squashed petals of the Chrysanthemum blossom. Lambda-cyhalothrin is liked by Pyrethroids as a functioning fixing since they are savvy and stay viable for longer timeframes.

Utilizations Of Lambda-Cyhalothrin 2.5 EC
It is profoundly powerful in the control of a wide scope of indoor and open-air bothers including termites, ticks, subterranean insects, cockroaches, insects, insects, flies, silverfish, scorpions, earwigs, blood suckers, wasps, and honey bees.

Method Of Action
Relambda (Lambda-cyhalothrin) kills by going about as an exceptionally impressive toxic substance to the bug’s focal sensory system. The bug’s nerve cells become energized, after harming prompting loss of motion and possible passing. It starts its work on the bug right away, upon contact or ingestion bringing about its quick wreck and kill.

Sort Of Insect It Controls
Profoundly powerful against aphids, Colorado creepy crawlies, thrips, Lepidoptera hatchlings, Coleoptera hatchlings, and grown-ups in oats, bounces, ornamentals, potatoes, vegetables, cotton, and different yields.

Gives great control of bug-borne plant infections, at 2-5 g/ha.

Lambda-cyhalothrin can be applied close to other vermin control items while as yet keeping up with its intensity and adequacy.

Continuously read the item mark before applying pesticides
possibly unsafe to individuals or pets whenever gulped
Avoid groceries, void food item compartments, and creature food.
Wear a defensive dress while showering.
Wash hands and body after showering.
Try not to shower in that frame of mind of the breeze.
Try not to eat drink or smoke while showering.
Stay away from contact with mouth, eyes, and skin
Stay away from inward breathing the shower fog
Wash completely the debased garments and a piece of the body in the wake of splashing.

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Relambda Insecticide: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Relambda Insecticide?

Relambda Insecticide is a liquid spray containing lambda-cyhalothrin, a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. Synthetic pyrethroids mimic the insecticidal properties of natural pyrethrum, derived from chrysanthemum flowers.

What insects does Relambda Insecticide control?

Relambda is effective against a broad spectrum of insects, including:

  • Indoor pests: Termites, ticks, cockroaches, ants, spiders, flies, silverfish, scorpions, earwigs
  • Outdoor pests: Mosquitoes, wasps, honey bees (although not recommended)
  • Agricultural pests: Aphids, Colorado potato beetles, thrips, caterpillars, weevils (on various crops)

How does Relambda Insecticide work?

Relambda acts as a fast-acting neurotoxin for insects. It disrupts their nervous system, leading to paralysis and death. It works upon contact or ingestion.

Is Relambda safe to use around people and pets?

Lambda-cyhalothrin can be harmful if swallowed. Always follow the label instructions for safe application. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and mouth. Do not apply near food or pet areas.

Can Relambda be mixed with other pesticides?

The information provided suggests that Relambda can be compatible with some other pest control products. However, it’s crucial to always consult the product label for specific mixing instructions to ensure compatibility and safety.


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