RELISATE: The premium root stimulant for healthy plant growth. Boost nutrient uptake and stress tolerance with this easy-to-use formula.



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RELISATE is a quick and viable method for disposing of the burdens of rodents around your home as it kills and dries them immediately.

RELISATE is the ultimate solution for promoting healthy root development and enhancing plant growth. Crafted with premium ingredients and advanced technology, this powerful root stimulant boosts nutrient uptake and improves stress tolerance, ensuring your plants thrive in any environment. With its easy application and fast results, RELISATE is the go-to choice for professional growers and gardening enthusiasts alike. Elevate your gardening game with RELISATE and unlock the full potential of your plants.

Heading of Use:
Blend 5 grams with 5 grams of palatable oil and afterward blend in with 175 grams of food material, all the more particularly with dry fish or crawfish along with other food materials. Position the pre-arranged lure at each teasing station, particularly in the evenings, and permit it to do the sorcery.
At the point when the rodent eats a bit, it passes on within 3 minutes, don’t stress over the smell since it dries them immediately before you can find them.

Keep far away from youngsters. Whenever gulped, or on the other hand assuming that manifestations happen, call the doctor right away.

Try not to breathe in residue and exhaust.
Get materials and trap far from homegrown creatures and foodstuffs.
Continuously wear a face mask while applying.

Medical aid:
Initiate regurgitating by giving a tablespoon of salt and a glass of warm water. Rehash treatment until regurgitating stops.
Peruse directions cautiously.
Annihilate void pockets.

What is Royaquat herbicide used for?

Royaquat is a herbicide used to control broadleaf weeds and grasses in various crops, including vegetables, fruits, and ornamentals.

2. What is the active ingredient in Royaquat?

The active ingredient in Royaquat is paraquat dichloride at a concentration of 276 g/L SL.

3. In what size containers is Royaquat sold?

Royaquat is available in 1-liter jugs.

4. Can Royaquat be mixed with other herbicides?

The information provided states that Royaquat is compatible with a wide range of other products. However, it’s crucial to always consult the product label for specific mixing instructions to ensure compatibility and safety.

5. Where can I buy Royaquat?

The information doesn’t specify where to purchase Royaquat. Due to potential safety hazards, Royaquat might be restricted for purchase by the general public in some regions. It’s recommended to consult with a licensed agricultural supplier or garden center to inquire about availability and safe handling practices.


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