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Sharp Shooter is a wide range of normal insect poison with a fast beginning of activity in the control and complete obliteration of bug bothers. It controls Aphid, Thrip, Whitefly, Ants, Earwigs, Leaf Hoppers, Cabbage Moth, Caterpillars etc. Furthermore, is okay for use on Trees, Shrubs, Ornamentals, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, and Indoor and Outdoor plants.

The upsides of this item over others are that;
It has a one-day keeping period on foods grown from the ground, accordingly, having no enduring buildups.

It is likewise harmless to the ecosystem; okay for individuals and the climate

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Sharp Shooter is a wide-range substance compound with extensively solid acaricidal activities against aphids, sucking and biting bugs, bug vermin, caterpillars, thrips, and whiteflies.

Sharp Shooter is a rural bug spray that is energetically prescribed for application to a wide scope of harvests including organic product trees, vegetables, rice, wheat, cassava, sugarcane, sweet potato, maize, cotton, and cocoa.
Kindly stick to general well-being precautionary measures while utilizing it.

Arrangement of Sharp Shooter
Profenofos: A.I. 40 %
Cypermethrin: A.I. 4 %
Emulsifier 10 %
Solvent 46 %
Total 100 %
Dose for Field Use
Cotton Melon aphid
Cotton bollworm

Red bollworm

198 – 396 g/hectare
435 – 660 g/hectare

435 – 660 g/hectare

1000 – 1500
1500 – 2000

1500 – 2000

Orange Citrus Leaf Miner 146.7 – 220 mg/kg 2000 – 3000
Paddy Rice Leaf Roller 750 – 900 g/hectare 1000 – 1500
Brassicaceous Vegetable Diamond Black Moth 396 – 528 g/hectare 1000 – 1500

Significance of insect poisons in crop creation
Bug sprays are synthetic compounds that annihilate or restrain explicit formative phases of bugs. They assume an essential part in an Integrated Pest Management plan.

Food crops should contend with up to 3,000 types of worms and 10,000 types of plant-eating bugs. The dangers of these vermin don’t stop when harvests leave fields since they can in any case cause incredible annoyance and harm away. This shows the relevant requirement for explicit synthetic compounds that can manage these vermin while dragging out the existence of yields and forestalling post-reap misfortunes.

Insect poisons assist ranchers with developing additional food on less land by shielding crops from bugs and their formative stages.
The utilization of bug sprays will build the usefulness per hectare.
They empower ranchers to create protected, quality food sources at reasonable costs.

They additionally assist ranchers with giving a wealth of nutritious, lasting through the year food which is vital for human wellbeing.
Insect sprays decline openness to food debased with hurtful miniature living beings and normally happening poisons, forestalling food-related sicknesses.


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