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6750Do you need a high-yielding cabbage variety that is resistant to adverse weather conditions and has high immunity? Look here!

  • We offer Gloria Star F1 which is a popular hybrid cabbage species produced by Syngenta.
  • It produces high yield and well tolerates transportation.
  • Heads of the cabbage do not crack; they have a pleasant taste and attractive appearance.
  • They are disease resistant and will withstand temperature extremes.

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SYGENTA GLORIA STAR is a popular hybrid cabbage species produced by Syngenta. The high-yielding variety is resistant to adverse weather conditions and has high immunity.

  • This variety is distinguished by early peri-ripening feature, approximately 70-75 days from the moment of seedling planting. Interestingly, for such a short period the seedling forms a firm head.
  • It has a pleasant taste, attractive appearance, disease resistance, withstands various temperature extremes, storable for a long time, and does not require a large amount fertilizer.
  • It produces high yield and well tolerates transportation.
  • Another advantage of this variety is that it has a short stump inside and an average outer one. Heads of the cabbage do not crack and are well stored.
  • Gloria F1 contains many nutrients, vitamins A, B, a lot of iron and calcium. Gloria has a sweet bite. The variety is well suited for home cooking, its large leaves are well suited for the preparation of cabbage rolls and salads. The vegetable retains its taste even when frozen.


Gloria Star: Description

  • Very uniform growth
  • Excellent round compact head.
  • Transports well.
  • Seed rate: 100g per acre.
  • Plant spacing: 60x60cm.
  • Maturity: 80 days.
  • The average head weight is 5kg
  • Approximate seed count/gm.: 230 seeds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Syngenta Gloria Star Cabbage

What are the benefits of growing Syngenta Gloria Star cabbage?

  • High Yield: Gloria Star produces a large quantity of cabbages per planting.
  • Disease Resistance: It offers strong resistance to common cabbage diseases.
  • Weather Tolerance: This variety tolerates various temperatures and adverse weather conditions.
  • Fast Maturation: Gloria Star matures in a relatively short period (around 70-75 days).
  • Excellent Storage: The cabbages have a long shelf life and resist cracking.
  • Good Transport: Gloria Star cabbages withstand transportation well.
  • Nutrient Rich: They contain vitamins A and B, iron, and calcium.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various dishes like cabbage rolls, salads, and freezing.
  • Low Fertilizer Needs: Requires minimal fertilizer for healthy growth.

What are the characteristics of Gloria Star cabbage plants?

  • Uniform Growth: Plants grow consistently with similar head sizes.
  • Compact Heads: Gloria Star produces firm, round cabbage heads.
  • Short Stumps: The inner stump of the cabbage is small, minimizing waste.

How do I grow Gloria Star cabbage?

  • Seed Rate: Use a seeding rate of 100 grams per acre.
  • Plant Spacing: Plant seeds with a spacing of 60cm x 60cm.
  • Maturity: Expect maturity around 80 days after planting.
  • Average Head Weight: Mature cabbages typically weigh around 5kg.


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