TECHNISEM KAOLACK was developed as an oval-formed natural product, enormous size, light green strip. It is additionally well impervious to fusarium and anthracnose.

The products of Kaolack are likewise around 5-6 kg, with a light green skin tone, finely medium green striped. The red tissue tone is crunchy and sweet, all around valued by purchasers.

Item Features:

Planting: 350-400g per hectare.
Distance: 4-5 seeds for every opening. Slight out while growing to leave the most grounded plant.
Long stretches of Maturity: 70-90 days.
Bundle size: 500g.

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One of the most common watermelon seeds planted in Nigeria by the majority of smallholder farmers is watermelon Kaolack Seeds. Additionally, it is commonly consumed throughout Africa and the entire nation.

TECHNISEM KAOLACK Climate Conditions
The ideal germination temperature is from 27 to 32 °C, with a minimum nighttime temperature of 24 °C. The ideal growing temperatures are 18–20°C at night, 24–30°C during the day, and 15–25°C for ripening. 2.2

requirements for soil
Strawberry Kaolack Various soil types can be used to grow seeds, though sandy soils are favored. The best yields are often generated on sandy-loam soils with good drainage. Avoid using heavy clay soils, soils with blocked drainage, or extremely shallow soils. the pH of the soil should be 5.8 to 6.2. (H2O). When the soil has a pH below 5.5, lime is typically advised (H2O).



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