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Technisem Tropimech is a high-yielding determinant tomato variety known for its superior fruit quality, disease resistance, and excellent post-harvest life. Ideal for fresh markets and processing, Tropimech delivers reliable production and profitability for farmers worldwide.


  • High and consistent yields: Tropimech boasts impressive fruit set and development, ensuring bountiful harvests throughout the season.
  • Superior fruit quality: The tomatoes are elongated, firm, and have a slightly green shoulder, making them visually appealing and ideal for fresh markets.
  • Excellent disease resistance: Tropimech offers strong resistance to various diseases like TYLCV, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt race 0, and Alternaria stem canker, minimizing reliance on chemical control and reducing production costs.
  • Enhanced post-harvest life: The firm fruits with excellent internal quality resist bruising and cracking, allowing for longer shelf life and extended marketability.
  • Wide adaptability: Tropimech thrives in diverse climates and soil conditions, making it a dependable choice for growers in various regions.


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Technisem Tropimech is a true champion in the world of tomatoes. This determinate variety, characterized by its compact plant growth and concentrated fruit set, delivers outstanding yields season after season.

Farmers appreciate Tropimech’s adaptability, performing well in various climates and soil conditions. The fruits themselves are a sight to behold – elongated, firm, and vibrant red with a slightly green shoulder. Their exceptional internal quality translates into superior taste and extended shelf life, minimizing post-harvest losses and maximizing profits for growers.

But Tropimech’s strength goes beyond aesthetics. This powerful variety boasts impressive disease resistance against a range of common tomato threats, including TYLCV, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt race 0, and Alternaria stem canker. This reduces the need for chemical control, lowering production costs and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Whether you’re supplying fresh markets with juicy, flavorful tomatoes or providing the processing industry with consistent, high-quality fruits, Tropimech is the variety you can count on. Its outstanding combination of yield, quality, and disease resistance makes it a winner for farmers and consumers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Technisem Tropimech Tomatoes

What are Tropimech tomatoes?

Tropimech tomatoes are a determinate tomato variety known for their high yields, compact plant growth, and excellent disease resistance.

What are the benefits of growing Tropimech tomatoes?

  • High Yields: Produces a large amount of fruit per plant season after season.
  • Compact Plant Growth: Requires less space compared to indeterminate varieties.
  • Disease Resistance: Resists common tomato diseases like TYLCV, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt race 0, and Alternaria stem canker.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Fruits stay firm and fresh for longer periods, reducing spoilage.
  • Superior Taste: Offers excellent flavor and quality.
  • Adaptability: Performs well in various climates and soil conditions.
  • Reduced Production Costs: Disease resistance minimizes the need for chemical control.
  • Sustainable Farming: Contributes to environmentally friendly practices.

Are Tropimech tomatoes good for fresh markets or processing?

Tropimech tomatoes are suitable for both fresh markets and processing due to their attractive appearance, long shelf life, and consistent high quality.


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