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Tihan Insecticide| 100ML

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TIHAN 100ML is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is effective against a wide range of pests, including lepidopteran larvae (caterpillars), sucking insects (aphids, whiteflies, scale insects, etc.), and fruit-feeding insects.

Features and benefits of TIHAN 100ML:

  • Broad-spectrum pest control
  • Systemic action for long-lasting protection
  • Safe for use on a variety of crops
  • Effective against a wide range of pests, including lepidopteran larvae, sucking insects, and fruit-feeding insects
Tihan Insecticide Tihan Insecticide| 100ML

Original price was: ₦7,500.00.Current price is: ₦7,200.00.

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Tihan Insecticide is utilized for the control of Lepidoptera and sucking bugs in Cotton.
The item acts by contact and ingestion. TIHAN 100ML has two dynamic fixings specifically:
Spirotetramat 75 g/L
Spirotetramat is a foundational foliar insect poison that will offer cultivators a viable apparatus for shielding crops from sucking bug bugs.

Flubendiamide 100 g/L
Flubendiamide will offer security against lepidopteran bugs like the Cotton Bollworms.

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Tihan bug spray is a fundamental insect poison acting by contact and ingestion for the control of natural products taking care of bugs and sapsuckers in cotton and vegetables.

Dynamic fixing in Tihan Insecticide: Spirotretamat 75g/l + Flubendiamide 100g/l.

Center harvests of Tihan Insecticide: Vegetable, cotton cowpea

Target bugs: Lepidoptera, Tomato hornworms, leaf excavators (Tuta absoluta), bugs caterpillars, caterpillars, plant lice, whiteflies, and parasites.

Portion rate:

Crop Dose rate
Vegetables 200ml – 300ml/Ha
Tuta absoluta 400ml – 500ml/Ha
Cowpea 400ml – 500ml/Ha
Cotton 200ml
Wellbeing Precautions

Before you start to blend the compound, READ THE LABEL.
Prior to dealing with Tihan insect spray, put on defensive dress (coveralls, gloves, boots, goggles or face safeguard, cap, and a respirator assuming that the name demonstrates one should be worn.)
Measure precisely and utilize just the sum indicated on the mark.

While eliminating concentrated material from the holder, keep the compartment beneath eye level to try not to sprinkle or spill the insect spray into your face and eyes.

On the off chance that you sprinkle or spill an insect spray, STOP IMMEDIATELY! Take off your polluted attire and wash it completely with cleanser and water. Speed is fundamental when you or your apparel are defiled. Recall additionally to tidy up the spill.

If conceivable, keep these insect poisons in a secured bureau a very much-ventilated utility region or nursery shed.
Never store insect sprays in cupboards with or close to food, creature feed, or clinical supplies.
Store combustible fluids outside your living region and distant from a start source like a heater, vehicle, barbecue, or lawnmower.

Store insect poisons in holders that can be firmly fixed. Check the holders consistently to ensure they have no holes, breaks, tears, or imperfections.
Store insect sprays in an area away from frigid temperatures or outrageous hotness.
All insect sprays are to be put away safely and secured consistently. The structure, room, or design where they are put away ought to be plainly set apart with insect spray advance notice signs. red.

Tecnokel Amino CaB: Advantages
It comprises unadulterated, completely dissolvable supplements as it were.
The item is liberated from destructive mixtures like chloride, sodium, perchlorate, unreasonable sulfate, and so forth that can imperil plant development.
It is likewise reasonable for tank blending (and fertigation) with an enormous assortment of pesticides and other agrochemicals.

Tecnokel Amino CaB contains a uniquely evolved adjuvant for better grip on the leaf surface, further developed ingestion, and delayed activity.
It additionally gives solvent calcium which is fundamental for cell divider opposition and working on quality and time span of usability as well as expanding the extent of attractive produce.
It advances a decent soil structure, essential for solid establishment and more significant returns.

What is it for?
Further developed consistency and post-reap quality.
Decreases the inclination of natural product breaking.
Control of physiopathies connected with calcium and boron insufficiency.
It works on the movement of calcium in the plant.

Say goodbye to pesky insects with Tihan Insecticide! Our powerful formula provides fast-acting control against a wide range of pests, ensuring a pest-free environment in no time. Trust Tihan Insecticide for effective insect control. Tihan Insecticide


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Tihan Insecticide?

Tihan Insecticide is a broad-spectrum insecticide used to control Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies) and sucking bugs in cotton and vegetable crops. It works through contact and ingestion by the target insects.

What are the active ingredients in Tihan Insecticide?

Tihan Insecticide contains two active ingredients:

  • Spirotetramat (75 g/L): This is a systemic foliar insecticide that protects crops from sucking insect pests.
  • Flubendiamide (100 g/L): This ingredient offers protection against lepidopteran insects, including cotton bollworms.

What crops can I use Tihan Insecticide on?

Tihan Insecticide is primarily labeled for use on cotton and vegetables, including cowpeas. However, always consult the product label for specific approved crops and application rates.

What insects does Tihan Insecticide control?

Tihan Insecticide targets a wide range of insect pests, including:

  • Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies)
  • Tomato hornworms
  • Leaf miners (like Tuta absoluta)
  • Insect caterpillars
  • Plant lice
  • Whiteflies
  • Thrips

What is the application rate for Tihan Insecticide?

The application rate varies depending on the specific crop and target pest. The product description mentions example rates for vegetables (200-300ml/Ha), Tuta absoluta (400-500ml/Ha), cowpea (400-500ml/Ha), and cotton (200ml/Ha). Always refer to the product label for the recommended application rate for your specific situation.

What are the safety precautions for using Tihan Insecticide?

It’s crucial to follow safety precautions when handling any insecticide:

  • Read the label thoroughly before use.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as coveralls, gloves, boots, goggles, respirator (if indicated on the label), and a hat during application.
  • Measure the product accurately and use only the recommended amount.
  • Avoid spills and contact with skin and eyes.
  • In case of spills or contact, follow decontamination procedures as outlined on the label.
  • Store the product safely in a secure location, away from food, feed, and children.
  • Dispose of empty containers responsibly according to label instructions.


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