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  • Afadja RZ F1 Pepper Seeds is a hot habanero half and half F1 seed that is treated with Bio-Stimulants which helps fast germination energy, fast development, quality natural product set, speedy maturing.

    Item Features:

    For outside and indoor creation
    Upstanding development propensity
    Great consistency and energy
    Appealing glossy red tone when mature
    Natural product shape oval
    The typical length of natural products: 5.5 cm
    Bundle size: 100 seeds

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  • High and good yield  under different conditions (thanks to a good tolerance to Anthracnose), KAOLACK is famous in sub Saharan countries.

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  • Pepper assists with forestalling asthma, furious stomach, a bacterial contamination that causes loose bowels (cholera), the runs, migraine, feminine torment, stodgy nose as a result of the mixtures in it.
    Red peppers contain over 200% of your everyday L-ascorbic acid admission. Other than being a strong cancer prevention agent, L-ascorbic acid aides the appropriate ingestion of iron.
    Pepper forestall paleness since they are an incredible wellspring of vitamin B6 and folate.
    Peppers assist with supporting sound night vision since they are high in vitamin A, which assists with supporting solid visual perception, particularly night vision.
    It forestalls diseases including prostate and cellular breakdown in the lungs since they are loaded with cell reinforcements which when consolidated make an extraordinary cancer prevention agent limit.
    Consume more calories with Gulpinar F1 Pepper since they really do have a gentle thermogenic activity that builds our digestion without expanding our pulse and circulatory strain like the hot peppers do

  • Variety: Cucumber Ashley


    • Highly productive and widely adapted gynoecious slicing variety with excellent disease tolerance package.
    • For optimal production and high-quality fruits, it’s recommended to stick or trellis the variety.
    • Cucumber fruit has many health benefits and highly recommended as part of the daily meal.
    • Plant features:
    • Ashley is a uniform succulent dark green blocky cylindrical fruit that averages 12-15 cm long.
    • Maturity: 40-45 days.
    • Yield potential: 25-27 tons/acre.
    • Ideal for all fresh market

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    Determinate plant growth with a high fruit set. Maturity: 65 – 68 days after transplant. Fruits are egg-shaped, uniform color, and weighs 110 -120 grams (0.25 lb) each. Tolerant to Nematodes and Whitefly transmitted Geminivirus.

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    variety : TROPIMECH - UC 85B 10
  • High and good yield  under different conditions (thanks to good tolerance to Anthracnose

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    variety : 500G - BARB - CRIMS - SUGAR - SUPER
  • Baronesa RZ F1 Watermelon is an enormous size dark cultivated watermelon with exceptionally uniform foods grown from the ground dim green skin with dark red tissue. Sugar content is high, the plant areas of strength for is, little leaves and an incredible leaf cover that gives less issues of burn from the sun.

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  • Big solar is a hot pepper seed produced by means of technisem organization with full of life, dark inexperienced foliage plant. It is suitable for open discipline. Its warm, aromatic flavor and regularity healthy high fine demand in markets.


    Package length: 5g

    Type: Open Field
    Average Weight: 18 gr (zero.Sixty five oz.)
    Fruit Colour: Yellow
    Maturity Days: 90 days from transplanting
    Resistance: Tobacco mosaic virus

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  • Quantity: a thousand seeds

    Crop: Pumpkin

    Crop Type: Butternut

    Weight: 1.5 – 2 kg

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  • The California Wonder chime pepper is a productive, energetic pepper that is extraordinary tasting and simple to develop. It includes a fresh, gentle flavor and is amazing stuffed, sauteed, or cut into reduced down pieces for snacks. Very much like the peppers you’ll find in the general store, the California Wonder delivers thick-walled, blocky green peppers, which go to red whenever left on the plant. The natural products will more often than not be 4″ tall and wide and especially sweet. The plants can reach up to 30 inches tall and fill well either in enormous pots or established straightforwardly in the ground, and when planted in nurseries, needs practically no upkeep. Beside it’s astonishing taste and plentiful yield, part of the allure of the California Wonder is that it’s impervious to the Tobacco Mosaic Virus, a typical Solanaceae family infection that can truly stunt your plants.

    Amount: 100g

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  • Remarkable QUALITIES

    Great Color AND TASTE
    Amount: 100g
    Kuroda (Sakata)is a Kuroda type carrot chose by Sakata for its improved and unrivaled variety, taste and consistency. Kuroda (Sakata) is reasonable for warm season creation. The underlying foundations of Kuroda (Sakata) are uniform and smooth with a wedge shape and gruff tip. Kuroda (Sakata) has a decent field holding capacity and normal shooting resistance. Market utilizations of Kuroda (Sakata)include bundling, home planting and handling.

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  • We sell Commandant F1 which is a blocky cross breed pepper that ultimately becomes red at full physiological development.

    It is a medium late to late assortment delivering blocky pepper organic products.
    The typical organic product weight is 220g.
    Standard utilization of sweet pepper is prescribed to defeat many problems and carry on with a solid life.
    We convey across the country.

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