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Demon F1 Hybrid Chilli Pepper Seeds (East West Brand) -5g

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The Demon F1 Pepper Seeds from East West Seeds is a robust cultivar that consistently performs well under a variety of varied growing conditions. Its plants are tall and straight bearing, with a concentrated set of large fruits.

Demon F1 Pepper Seeds’ Qualities

Thailand’s East-West Seed International is the source.
DEMON F1 Maturity Variety days: between 70 and 80
Plant vigor: powerful
Straight or curved
Fruit Size: 7-9 cm

Demon F1 Hybrid Chilli Pepper Seeds Demon F1 Hybrid Chilli Pepper ...

Original price was: ₦8,000.00.Current price is: ₦7,800.00.

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Demon F1 Hybrid Chilli Pepper Seeds (East-West | 5g) are a strong variety that consistently performs well under a variety of various growth conditions. Plants are tall, have a dense cluster of fruits, and bear fruit erect. The fruit quality, firmness, lovely bright red color, and uniform fruit size and shape of Demon F1 are its main selling points.

We provide Demon F1 Hybrid Chilli Pepper Seeds to our customers, which come from East-West Seed International in Thailand. This type, which can be grown inside or outdoors, generates abundant yields and was specifically designed to create a beautiful plant for use as an ornamental or edible food. The maturation day of the seeds, which are packaged in 5-gram packets, is between 70 and 75 days. The seeds have a large fruit yield and good plant vigor, making them exceedingly productive.

Demon F1 Hybrid Chilli Pepper Seeds (East West | 5g) Characteristics

Thailand’s East-West Seed International is the source.
DEMON F1 Maturity Variety days: between 70 and 80
Plant vigor: powerful
Straight or curved
Size: 7-9 cm
Dimensions: 9 to 1.1 cm
Green is an immature color.

Color of maturity: Bright Red Wall Dimension: Thick
Pungency/Aroma: Extremely potent, with a rich aromatic flavor.
Tm and Cmv (cucumber mosaic virus) exhibit intermediate resistance
Pack of five grams of seeds
Growing Demon F1 Pepper Seeds is essential.

Devil F1 Compared to other plants, pepper grows more quickly and with higher vigor, which benefits farmers who can harvest larger crops and earn more money. Additionally, it is more resistant to numerous parasites and illnesses that affect parent plants.

Consuming Demon F1 Hybrid Chilli Pepper Seeds health benefits.

Digestive system: Hot peppers have some ingredients that are good for preventing ulcers. They may also work as digestive tract anti-irritants. Hot peppers are a natural pain reliever for cramps and can treat diarrhea and upset stomachs by lowering intestinal gas. They also contain trace levels of antioxidants and other compounds that help with digestive problems.

Healthy heart: By lowering blood serum cholesterol and reducing lipid deposits, it also improves the circulatory system and avoids heart disease. Consuming spicy peppers can also cause blood vessels to enlarge, improving blood flow.

It greatly reduces body pains and migraines.
enhancing metabolism and encouraging weight loss.
Lowering the risk of cancer:

Red hot peppers’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound called capsaicin helps them fight cancer. Large pepper consumption has been shown in studies to be protective against bladder, pancreatic, and breast cancers.
Prevents bad breath: They help to make your breath smell better by disinfecting the air you exhale.
It stops allergic responses and allergy symptoms.

How to grow seeds of the Demon F1 pepperBegin pepper plants indoors. 7–10 weeks before the day you plan to plant seedlings in the garden.
Sow three to four seeds per pot or among flats.
Plant seeds 7-13 mm (or 1/4 to 1 inch) deep.
Seven to ten days later, germination occurs.

Till the seedlings appear, keep the seed-starting mixture gently damp.
Once the strongest seedling is about 2 inches (5 cm) tall, remove the weaker seedlings.
After germination, seedlings started inside should be kept under a grow lamp or in a sunny window.
Water to prevent drying of the seed starting mixture.

When seedlings reach a height of 2 to 4 inches (5–10 cm), transfer them to a larger container, making careful to leave room for root development. This procedure is known as “potting up.” As seedlings outgrow their pots, keep repotting them until they are moved into the garden or a very big container.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Demon F1 Hybrid Chilli Pepper Seeds

What are Demon F1 Hybrid Chilli Pepper Seeds?

Demon F1 is a high-yielding variety of chilli pepper known for its strong plant vigor, beautiful red fruits, and consistent performance in various growing conditions.

What are the benefits of Demon F1 seeds?

  • High yield: Produces a large number of chilli peppers.
  • Fast maturity: Reaches maturity in 70-75 days.
  • Attractive plants: Suitable for both ornamental and edible purposes.
  • Strong plant: Upright growth with a dense cluster of fruits.
  • Uniform fruits: Consistent size and shape for a visually appealing harvest.
  • Disease resistance: Shows intermediate resistance to some common diseases.

How hot are Demon F1 chilli peppers?

The information provided doesn’t specify the exact heat level, but it describes them as “highly pungent” with a strong aromatic flavor.

Can I grow Demon F1 peppers indoors?

Yes, Demon F1 seeds can be grown indoors with proper lighting and care.

How do I grow Demon F1 pepper seeds?

The passage provides a detailed guide on growing Demon F1 peppers indoors, including starting seeds, transplanting seedlings, and proper care.

What are the health benefits of consuming Demon F1 chilli peppers?

(Disclaimer: Consult a healthcare professional for advice on incorporating hot peppers into your diet)

The information lists potential health benefits associated with consuming hot peppers in general, but not specifically Demon F1. These benefits include:

  • Improved digestion
  • Heart health support
  • Pain relief
  • Weight management
  • Cancer prevention (limited research)


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