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Ground Feeding Trays For Chicks (Bundle of 12)

Original price was: ₦5,000.00.Current price is: ₦4,500.00.

Ground Feeding Trays For Chicks Ground Feeding Trays For Chick...

Original price was: ₦5,000.00.Current price is: ₦4,500.00.

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Ground Feeding Trays For Chicks are an essential piece of equipment for any poultry farmer. They provide a hygienic and convenient way to feed chicks from day one and help to reduce feed contamination and wastage.

Ground Feeding Trays For Chicks are typically made from plastic or metal and have a shallow design that makes it easy for chicks to reach their food. They may also have a raised lip around the edge to prevent feed from spilling out.

Ground feeding trays can be used on their own, or placed inside ground feeder cages. When using a ground feeding tray on its own, it is important to place it in a clean and dry area. The tray should also be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria and dirt.

Ground feeding trays are a valuable tool for poultry farmers of all sizes. They help to ensure that chicks have access to clean and nutritious food, which is essential for their health and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ground Feeding Trays for Chicks:

Why are ground feeding trays important for chicks?

  • Hygiene: They provide a clean and sanitary way to feed chicks, minimizing the risk of feed contamination and potential disease transmission.
  • Reduced waste: The shallow design helps prevent chicks from scratching and scattering feed, leading to less waste.
  • Accessibility: The low profile allows chicks of all sizes to easily reach their food.

What are ground feeding trays made of?

Trays are typically made of plastic or metal, offering durability and ease of cleaning.

Can I use ground feeding trays alone, or do they need cages?

Both options are possible:

  • Standalone: Place the tray directly on the ground in a clean, dry area.
  • Inside cages: Use the tray within a dedicated ground feeder cage for added protection and containment.

How do I maintain ground feeding trays?

Regular cleaning is crucial to prevent the build-up of bacteria and dirt. Wash the trays thoroughly with soap and water after each use.

What are the benefits of using ground feeding trays?

  • Improved chick health and growth due to access to clean, nutritious food.
  • Reduced feed waste, leading to cost savings.
  • Easier feeding routine and maintenance.


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