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Livestock Teeth Clipper (Manual Teeth Nipper for Piglets)


Livestock Teeth Clipper comes in the hand-held (plier-type) and is shown for cutting, cutting, and nipping needle teeth of piglets during veterinary homestead activities. The hand-held trimmer is very convenient, productive, and effortlessly adjusted for different veterinary activities. Livestock Teeth Clipper is valuable for an assortment of clinical uses at a truly reasonable cost. These instruments will prove to be useful for a ton of nonsurgical methods. Benevolently guarantee you hold fast to clean methods for cleansing and capacity between uses. For extra pig hardware, mercifully click here

Livestock Teeth Clipper Livestock Teeth Clipper (Manua...


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Livestock Teeth Clipper

Livestock Teeth Clipper is an instrument utilized in managing and cutting the teeth of adolescent animals, particularly piglets. The teeth of piglets ought to be cut quickly after birth. The piglet is brought into the world with 8 teeth. In the event that the teeth are not cut, the sow’s (mom) udder might be harmed by the nursing piglets.

Expulsion of the teeth additionally keeps youthful pigs from harming themselves while battling or playing.

This instrument includes a tough cutting sharp edge with the spring pressure framework.

Why cut the teeth of youthful pigs?

Piglets nibble the sow (mother) in their battle to get hold of one of her nipples and nurse. The aggravation brought about by this upsets the sow making her outfit and keeping her young from being taken care of.

The slices to the sow’s udder likewise permit microbes to taint the udder. In their battle to get a handle on the nipple and nurse, piglets will likewise nibble and harm each other.

The basic act of cutting the teeth at the earliest opportunity after birth forestalls these issues.

When should the teeth be cut?

The piglet’s teeth ought to be cut quickly after its introduction to the world. The teeth can be cut when the pig is just 15 minutes old.

The sow and her young ought to be isolated for as short a period as could really be expected. To cut the teeth, you will require either a couple of tooth trimmers.

You will require somebody to assist you with isolating the sow and her young.

You will likewise require a crate containing bedding and a spotless void pen.

Interaction to cut teeth

On the off chance that the show isn’t controlled, separate her from her young and spot her in another pen. Accept care as the sow with a litter can be perilous.

Corner the piglets and keep them together or place them in a crate.

Hold the head and press the side of the piglet’s mouth so the jaws open.

Spot the trimmers on one or the other side of one set of teeth ensuring that the tongue isn’t standing out.

Slant the head so the bits of the teeth will drop out of the mouth.

Cut the teeth as close as conceivable to the gums.

Clean/sanitize/disinfect the trimmers prior to utilizing them on another piglet.

Work on the remainder of the litter and when you have completed return the piglets with the sow right away.

Guarantee you keep youthful piglets warm consistently. You can utilize the warming light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Livestock Teeth Clipper

What is a Livestock Teeth Clipper used for?

A Livestock Teeth Clipper is a tool used to trim the teeth of young animals, primarily piglets.

Why are piglet teeth clipped?

Sharp piglet teeth can injure the sow’s udder during nursing, causing discomfort and potentially leading to infections. Additionally, piglets might harm each other while playing or fighting if their teeth remain unclipped.

When should piglet teeth be clipped?

Ideally, piglet teeth should be clipped shortly after birth, even as early as 15 minutes old.

What are the things needed for clipping piglet teeth?

  • Livestock Teeth Clipper (or a pair of tooth trimmers)
  • Assistant to help restrain the sow and piglets
  • Crate with bedding
  • Clean, empty pen

How to clip piglet teeth (with safety precautions):

  1. Isolate the sow (if necessary): If the sow is agitated, carefully separate her from the piglets and place her in a different pen. (Caution: Sows with litters can be protective and potentially dangerous.)
  2. Gather piglets: Gently corner the piglets or place them in a crate to restrain them.
  3. Secure the piglet: Hold the piglet’s head firmly and press the side of its mouth to open the jaws.
  4. Position the clipper: Place the clipper on either side of a single tooth, ensuring the tongue is not in the way.
  5. Clip the tooth: Tilt the piglet’s head slightly so the clipped tooth fragment falls out of the mouth. Clip the tooth as close to the gum line as possible.
  6. Clean and disinfect: Sanitize the clipper before using it on another piglet.
  7. Repeat and reunite: Clip the teeth of all piglets in the litter. Once finished, promptly return the piglets to the sow.
  8. Maintain warmth: Ensure the piglets stay warm throughout the process, potentially using a heat lamp.


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