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Mektin – 100ml


Abamectin is utilized for controlling of motile phases of bugs, leaf excavators, suckers, Colorado creepy crawlies, and so on ornamentals, cotton, citrus natural product, pome organic product, nut crops, vegetables

Mektin Mektin – 100ml


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Mektin is a maturation result of soil microorganisms. The item enters the plant and its activity on the bug is performed basically through the processing framework. Melton acts by impeding the transmission signal between nerve cells or among nerve and muscle cells by invigorating the GABA framework. Bugs and vermin lose the movement capacity soon after openness to mektin 1.8 EC.

Prescribed to shower in the first part of the day or night hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Mektin 1.8 EC?

Mektin 1.8 EC is an insecticide derived from soil microorganisms. It enters the plant and disrupts the nervous system of insects upon contact.

How does It kill insects?

Mektin 1.8 EC works by interfering with the signal transmission between nerve cells or between nerve and muscle cells. This disrupts the insect’s nervous system, leading to paralysis and death.

When should I apply?

The information provided suggests applying Mektin 1.8 EC in the early morning or evening hours. Always consult the product label for specific application instructions and timing.


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