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NoduMax Legume Inoculant (100g Sachets)


We offer NoduMax Legume Inoculant which is another vegetable vaccination innovation created at the IITA Business Incubation Platform. NoduMax is expected for soybean crops with the goal that they are better ready to get to nitrogen from the air.

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NoduMax Legume Inoculant NoduMax Legume Inoculant (100g...


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NoduMax Legume Inoculant

NoduMax is another vegetable immunization innovation created at the IITA Business Incubation Platform. NoduMax is planned for soybean crops so they are better ready to get to nitrogen from the air.

The offered item is reasonable, 100 g bundle, is sufficient to immunize 10 kg of seed and will establish 0.25 ha.
It can increment yield by 30 % to 45 % by and large
It is reasonable and ecologically protected.

Utilization of NoduMax Legume Inoculant
100 gm for every 10 kg of seeds

Item structure
NoduMax Legume Inoculant contains Bradyrhizobium japonicum strain USDA 110 at a thickness of something like 1 billion live cells for every gram of inoculant.

More about NoduMax Legume Inoculant
NoduMax is a peat-based inoculant guaranteeing that soybean’s harmonious rhizobium microbes are available, bringing about superior root nodulation and high paces of natural nitrogen obsession (BNF).
Nitrogen obsession wipes out the requirement for exorbitant nitrogen manures.
NoduMax contains the business standard strain USDA 110 and incorporates a gum Arabic cement.

Application rules
NoduMax is applied to soybean seed not long prior to planting.
To begin with, the gum arabic glue is broken down in spotless, heated water, applied to 10 to 15 kg of soybean seed, blended to cover the seed outside, the inoculant added, and the seeds blended again until the inoculant shows up as a fine earthy colored powder consistently dispersed upon the seeds.

Seeds ought to be established soon after application and safeguarded from direct daylight. This is alluded to as the two-venture technique and results in the most uniform conveyance on the seeds.
Another option, the easier strategy includes blending the inoculant to the glue arrangement and afterward applying them to the seeds yet this procedure will in general cluster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is NoduMax Legume Inoculant?

NoduMax is a biofertilizer specifically designed for soybean crops. It introduces beneficial bacteria (Bradyrhizobium japonicum) to soybean roots, enabling them to capture nitrogen from the air. This process, called biological nitrogen fixation (BNF), reduces reliance on expensive nitrogen fertilizers.

What are the benefits of using NoduMax?

  • Increased Soybean Yield: Studies suggest NoduMax can potentially increase soybean yield by 30-45%.
  • Reduced Fertilizer Costs: By promoting nitrogen fixation, NoduMax helps decrease dependence on external nitrogen fertilizers, saving money.
  • Environmentally Friendly: NoduMax is a natural and sustainable solution, promotes environmentally responsible agriculture.
  • Easy and Affordable: The 100g package is sufficient for inoculating 10kg of soybean seeds, making it cost-effective.

How does NoduMax work?

NoduMax introduces Bradyrhizobium japonicum bacteria to soybean roots. These bacteria form symbiotic relationships with the plants, creating root nodules. The bacteria capture nitrogen from the air and convert it into a usable form for the soybeans, promoting healthy growth and potentially higher yields.

What is the application process for NoduMax?

NoduMax is applied directly to soybean seeds before planting. There are two application methods:

  • Two-Step Method (Recommended):

    • Dissolve the gum arabic adhesive in clean, warm water.
    • Apply the adhesive solution to soybean seeds (10-15kg).
    • Add NoduMax inoculant and mix thoroughly until seeds are coated with a fine brown powder.
    • Plant seeds soon after application and protect them from direct sunlight.
  • One-Step Method (Simpler but Less Uniform):

    • Mix NoduMax directly with the gum arabic solution and apply it to the seeds.
    • This method can lead to clumping, so the two-step method is generally preferred for even distribution.

What is the recommended application rate?

The recommended application rate is 100 grams of NoduMax per 10 kilograms of soybean seeds.


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